Where Do You Lose Yourself?

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Can you recall when was the last time you just surrendered to the moment and simply lost yourself in that moment; when you felt ageless, timeless—and there was nothing else in the world but right where you were?

These are the moments when you are deeply present where you are and what you are doing. These are the moments when you are in the flow and feel bliss, peace, energized and true happiness. You feel untethered and free.

For some these moments come when alone—when taking a run, turning up a favorite song on the radio in the car, meditating or having a hot cup of coffee in the quiet of the early morning. For some these moments are when in a crowd of people at a concert and being carried away by the music and the group energy of the crowd. For some these moments are when with friends or family.  And they are all unique and special to you.

They are truly precious moments and experiences as they show what we are capable of and provide us with the amazing gift of just being, and more so, of having higher dimensions of consciousness. When we surrender ourselves to the moment or experience, we relinquish our demand that the present be something other than it actually is and we foster a willingness to be present with what is.

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We lose the sense of expectation, of worry, doubt, fear, anxiety and stress. We tune out all the noise and have an ultra focused high frequency—increasing our vibration. In this special place we transcend time and space.

These moments provide a glimpse into our ascension and we experience how it feels to be enlightened. They illustrate that time is simply a measure or coordinates. They go beyond being mindful and present to an experience of not being constrained by perception of time.

When we experience them it can seem surreal and like we are in a dream. We lose our self in that moment since we are vibrating at such a high level and identify with higher dimensions of consciousness that free us from the constraints of space and time. And here we are more fluid.

We should savor these moments and not lose sight of what they really mean. They are a gift from the Universe to show us our potential and ability to let go, be light and to have joy and peace.

Inhale. Exhale.

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By this time of the year it can feel like you have been running a marathon and you are at the last mile before the finish line. You have resolve and find the inner strength to push through to get that final project finished, get the last item checked off the 2017 “to do” list and to find your closure to the year.

Sometimes it is striking how we put ourselves in this mind set—the state of mind that we (per the Merriam-Webster definition of “finish”) have to come to an end or come to the end of a task or undertaking.

For many, this mind set is perpetuated by the work or school schedule, social norms and arbitrary expectations that get ingrained in our psyche. It seems that the years of our lives are approached as if we are in some race. But a race for what? A meaningful relationship, a career, a promotion; to take time off and rest; to be somewhere else, to be someone else? It is time to ask yourself what are you rushing from and what are you rushing toward—and why?

We tend to lose sight of the continuum of our existence. We get caught up in looking well beyond the horizon. We have this constant inner voice telling us that once something is done or checked off the list, once we go through a series of milestones, once we get to the next level that we will have time to rest, be content, try something different or be ready for what is next for us. winter nite bird

But we do so in the mind set of endings—that something has to end before something else can begin. I think as most of us have experienced life is just not that neat and tidy and there is more of evolution then revolution. Life for the most part flows and blends, and often when we are so laser-focused on finishing something or getting to the next thing, we miss the beauty of that flow and the blending.

I recently got back from an intense week of meetings—full of wonderful opportunities. The week was full of preparing for the immediate next session and rushing from point A to point B. As I boarded my flight homeward bound, and sat in my seat and exhaled, there was a sense of relief and calm. I told myself that when I get home I will relax and take some time off—but then I quickly went into making a mental list of the things I will do to relax.

In reflecting on this, I realized all the planning leading up to the event and the intense schedule while at the event was worthwhile, but in running my marathon I missed out on enjoying just being there and meeting some amazing people; and admittedly was probably a bit cranky at times. While at the event, I drew hard lines between one session to the next and actually was checking the sessions off the master list as the days passed. I did not take the time to inhale what I had created and what I was part of, and I did not take time to exhale the stress or pace I put myself at.

This one week sums up how many of us function (at times or generally)—putting ourselves in the mindset of a race with an arbitrary finish line that we drew. Life is a continuum—with many paths for us full of new people and experiences. So as 2017 blends into 2018, remember to inhale what you have created and exhale so you can let your life flow.

Tis the Season

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Here we are once again in December and the year end rush is on. It is quite common to find ourselves feeling a bit stressed, overwhelmed and anxious. And it is not just the approaching holidays. For many it’s year end performance reviews, year end job attrition (layoffs) worries, final exams and papers—and the rush to finish the “to-do’s” that somehow accumulated throughout the year.

Plus, we start putting pressure on ourselves about how we will or should celebrate New Year’s and that post January 1 we will hit the reset button with all sorts of improvements and changes. nyc-holiday-lights

That sure is a lot. For some of us, we push through and try to ignore our symptoms, and for others it can be a daily battle as things seem to pile up and feeling anxious or sad becomes predominant.  Either way, not healthy and time to take action.

As always, it is good to keep tabs on how you are feeling and why. If you are experiencing the following it is time to take some steps to reset and focus on yourself.

  • Feeling restless or on edge
  • Being easily tired
  • Feeling sore or achy
  • Having a hard time concentrating or staying focused
  • Being irritable
  • Having a hard time falling asleep or staying asleep
  • Over planning
  • Seeking assurance and answers from others
  • Having anxiety attacks

Anxiety can take its toll and if it is really getting to a point where it is inhibiting you and your life, there is professional help and you should never feel embarrassed to seek and get help.

There are some holistic and natural remedies that can help.

  • Exercise, even if a brisk walk around the block
  • Get outside—sunshine and air make a big difference
  • Limit caffeine and alcohol
  • Eat healthier—fresh fruits and vegetables, good protein sources and less sugar
  • Stay hydrated (lots of water)
  • Find time to clear your head—give yourself some mental time-outs
  • Deep breathing
  • Explore herbal tools such as mint tea, chamomile or St John’s Wort (always talk to your doctor before you try herbal anxiety treatment)
  • Learn to think positive—remember the old adage that you create more of what you think about more
  • Explore a creative outlet
  • Change up your routine
  • Let things go—sometimes good is good enough
  • Set boundaries and limits—your time is precious and your health and well-being even more precious

So if you are feeling anxious and stressed, don’t ignore it and think post January 1 it will all dissolve. Start to take some steps that can become part of your daily practice and contribute to your overall well-being.

Frequency & Vibration

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“If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”

~ Nikola Tesla


Many people talk about one’s vibration or ‘vibe’. What do they mean? As living beings (and all objects really), we emanate electromagnetic energy, although everything seems solid to us, including ourselves. There really is no solidity to the universe though, which quantum physics has shown us. Energy has a frequency and vibrates. Everything vibrates.

So your vibration could be thought of as your overall state of mind and emotions being wrapped up into one which you project concsiously and subconsciously. Your entire biological system works on the same frequencies that the earth emanates. Keep that in mind.

Our thoughts in of themselves have a vibration obviously as well, which effects our brainwave patterns and can be gauged on an EEG machine. Interestingly enough, when we slow down our thought processes and thus our brainwave activity, we go beyond the active and alert Beta state into the Alpha and even deeper Theta states of consciousness where our brainwave patterns slow down dramatically.

I find the correlation between brain wave patterns and depths of consciousness rather intriguing. There are many factors that can cause these changes in us. From watching TV (they call it programming for a reason), to being in a highly stressful situation, to simply focusing on your breath, and to sleep, our vibes and brain waves can change. rainbow cosmos

For example you can be in what would normally be thought of as a stressful situation at work for example to others, and not be stressed at all, or at least to a minimal degree. Some people can exude that ‘calmness in the eye of the storm’ so to speak. Amazingly, this can have an impact on other people that may be experiencing that same situation so far as to have a calming effect on those around them. This would be an example of someone’s ‘vibe’ influencing those around them.

In the same token, a person with a very frantic and nervous ‘vibe’ can influence those around them as well to move towards that same state. In the least, if you are even just somewhat sensitive or aware, you will notice something about what someone’s particular vibration may be like. Other times, peoples vibrations may be so subtle so as to you don’t notice much of anything.

Our vibration and energy signature is always ‘on’ so to speak, although it can be toned down to where it is almost imperceptible. Our perception picks up these signals, almost like an antenna picking up radio signals. People can train themselves using various tools and techniques to raise and enhance their awareness and perception.

This is an amazing ability we humans have. It also makes life much more fascinating when you can start enhancing and tapping in to your natural, but usually more latent abilities and start noticing things you once did not. Trusting and developing your intuition more, meditating more frequently (and even at certain times), self-hypnosis, chi kung, martial arts, yoga, mysticism, etc., are some of the known ways to do this.

For me personally as an example, I noticed that when I meditate at night right before I go to sleep, this increases the frequency of astral projection and out of body experiences dramatically. It actually happens I would say about 70-80% of the time when I do this. Everyone is different, some people just naturally are able to do and perceive more without any aides or techniques. I encourage you to test and try different things out to see how you can enhance and expand your own frequency and vibration.

Energy Interference

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A breakthrough occurs when you recognize you are more energy than matter.”

 ~ Caroyln Myss, Intuitive Healer


We are all energy beings. Everything is energy, including our thoughts. We are all sensitive to energy. Most of us can recall when we were in the presence of someone and we felt good, comfortable, energized, etc. Likewise, we can recall when we were in the presence of someone and we felt uncomfortable, agitated, tired, etc.

For many an energetic reaction to someone happens more frequently than realized, and some may find themselves wondering why they may feel tired, sad, off or upset at the end of what they define as a normal day.

Everything and everyone has a resonance at a particular frequency which we may or may not perceive, depending on our own unique abilities. Negative thoughts, emotions and intent, all resonate at a particular vibration. This vibration tends to coalesce into what some label as fourth dimensional energy. It can be viewed as the chaos of the world that has no specific form, but coalesces due to mutual attraction, all resonating around a similar frequency.

It is all around us and part of us, and it is this chaos that offers the potential for some energies to take form in co-creation with us. In other words, we create them. In short, everything as energy has the potential to affect us or interfere with our energy. cloud swirl mountain

There are several definitions of interference but to help illustrate the impact of energy interference on us, we can use the definition of interference as confusion of a received radio signal due to the presence of noise or signals from two or more transmitters on a single frequency or something that produces confusion. As energy beings we are sensitive to energy and noise. Some people are more sensitive or aware than others.

Being sensitive to energy is a good thing. It means that you are in touch with yourself, your feelings and emotions. Your feelings (and instincts) are a built-in natural guidance system.  But sometimes being sensitive to energy can be challenging if you do not know how to manage it—as when other people’s low vibrating energies or those who are intentionally or unintentionally seeking your energy come onto your path.

It can be hard not to let other people’s low energy affect your own vibration if you have not learned how to focus your mind and deliberately create. But if you follow your natural guidance and consciously choose what to focus on, you allow others to be in their energetic state while you can stand firmly in your power or energy.  But when you find yourself in an energy interference situation, you can take a few steps to help.

Remind yourself that whatever you focus on will get bigger by the Universal laws of attraction. If you react or join others in their low energy you will include it in your own experience. Shift the collective energy by resetting your mind-set and focusing on something else.

Decide where you want to be and do not get stuck in other people’s drama. If the momentum of the low vibrating energy has picked up, remove yourself from it. Go for a walk, excuse yourself and do whatever works for you to take action to move away from it.

Shield yourself by imagining or visualizing a white light around yourself and think of it as a tool that blocks outs low vibrating energy.

I hope these techniques help you and would like to hear from you on how you manage energy interference.

For You

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We have heard it many times—that we need to take care of ourselves first (emotionally and physically). If we do not, it does catch up with us—from feeling overwhelmed, tired, stressed, less focused and distracted to name a few.  In short, our overall well-being suffers. And even though we may think this only impacts us, it goes beyond us. It also impacts those in our lives.

I often hear people say that they will try to stop smoking, eat healthier, exercise, go back to school, get grounded or be more in-the-moment for others (be it their significant other, children, parent or dear friend). First, this is putting the responsibility on someone else, versus you taking responsibility and ownership of the change you want to make.

An unhealthy expectation can emerge by you onto those for whom you say you are making change. When you do this you are not really getting in-touch with yourself and why you want to make change. Also, when you start out the “taking care of yourself first” journey from this stance, it can be difficult to see it through. Why? Because you did not start from you—understanding yourself. you heart mountaintop

Yes, some people are looking for motivation or inspiration, and they look outside of themselves for this. But when you use others as the motivation or inspiration, it can be easy to find the excuse in those others when you hit a roadblock or a challenge. Taking care of yourself takes hard work, dedication and belief in yourself. Others cannot be responsible for that.

I came across a quote by Jim Rohn that says, “Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” I think we can extend this to the mind, body and soul as they are all connected. Achieving anything in life starts here.

To get closer to the person we can become, we do not need to do it for others. We start by doing it for ourselves. It is about listening to your collective mind, body and soul and giving it what it needs to feel its best. It is about taking responsibility for your own life—no matter where you are at, no matter your starting point and regardless of your past. Excuses limit and prevent us from growing. Own your life—no one else will.

If you don’t start a change process for you from you, you dim your light. If you play small or shrink so that others around you will not feel insecure or look to others for confirmation or accolades for your progress, you are not letting your light shine, and the world will never benefit from what you could have achieved.

If you feel that you want to make a change do it for you.

The Power of Temporary

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Temporary: lasting for only a limited period of time; not permanent.

Ghalib, the Urdu poet, in his verse says, “Raat din gardish mein hain saat asmaan, ho rahega kuch na kuch ghabrayein kya.” – The seven heavens are active every day and night, something new will emerge, then why this anxiety?” Difficulties come and go, just like the day and night. This is a universal law that applies equally to every human being.

But we often lose sight of temporary when we feel like we are lost in the trenches or struggling through some difficult, confusing or frustrating times. It can feel as if there is no end in sight, tiresome and even overwhelming.  What we may think of as dark times or human difficulties are temporary. Every difficulty is bound to fade and disappear. Although it may not feel like it when in the midst of a challenging set of circumstances or situation, those challenges or situations are not permanent.

Further, what prolongs them is when you get so caught up in them that you are refueling them. In short, you put yourself in a vicious cycle with low vibrating emotions by being stuck in worry, resentment, anger, self-pity, etc. The thing that can magnify or worsen what you may be experiencing is that you lose your patience and forget the situation is temporary and not permanent. Leaves in wind

It is best to work at moving yourself away from being upset and to not overly dwell on the circumstances or situation. When you do so you are in a better position to keep your energy intact, and not to fall prey to frustration. Keeping a frame of mind that what you are experiencing is temporary greatly helps.

Think of it this way. Difficulty is a state of mind. It is in the mind where difficulties are created—and where they can be eliminated. Our minds and our thoughts are greater than the difficulties in which we find ourselves.

So when in difficult times, try to focus on your mind (thoughts) rather than on the difficulty itself. Putting yourself in a “gloom and doom” mindset and obsessing on when will the challenging time be over is a distraction—a distraction to your inner voice, to the resolve and strength you have and to the power of your own mind to provide rest and a place of calm and peace for yourself.

When you focus on your mind, you will find that the difficulty has disappeared first psychologically and them physically.  To help with this, think back to time in your life and recall the unexpected changes. You may note that they seemed scary and almost paralyzing at the time they happened, but they all shaped you who are and for the most part brought you to a better understanding of yourself and place. If you are experiencing a difficult and challenging time in your life, make note of this, and change your perspective to embrace the temporary.


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“Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.”

Lao Tzu


Sometimes in our lives we find ourselves feeling tired, run down or even used. While helping others and service is what we want to provide to the world, we also have to make sure that we are being served. Otherwise we get to a state of exhaustion. We are responsible for replenishing our own energy.

People will take from us as much as we are willing to give. When we take a break and revitalize ourselves we can re-energize others. Revitalizing ourselves is honoring our soul.

The process of revitalization is to surrender whatever is keeping you from your path and taking action on your intentions. It involves getting the influence of others out of your system. It is a letting go of the things not working in your life anymore. In a way it is a clearing of debris. We all have our own journeys where we learn to grow and break chains of pain we have created in our worlds. sun rise tree2

The process of revitalization is to let go of worry. Worry has no significance. It de-energizes. Find the things that bring you joy and bring them into your life. Fill your life with what energizes and rejuvenates you.

Revitalization is not a reset, since we are not going back to a past time or the way things once were. It is about moving forward. Sometimes this also has a physical element of returning things to where they belong, getting rid of things that are standing in your way of moving forward. It is a physical manifestation of letting go and a clearing so that we can take the next step and move ahead

We all have wonderful abilities, but seldom accomplish great things with limited thinking. We are limitless and have the ability to transform ourselves with intent and taking action to enact the intent. Intention is the magnifier that creates our world.

Being clear on your intentions activates the energy to connect you with your desires, and opens the ability to listen to your intuition.  In short, clearing debris, trusting your intuition, strengthening your intentions and expanding your awareness will guide you to your goals and revitalize your soul.

Passionate About You

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Passion—any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling

Passion—a strong or extravagant fondness, enthusiasm or desire for anything


Passion is a word that seems to be excessively used and confused with purpose and interestingly paired with work.  It has found its way into all sorts of environments—school, work, places of worship, neighborhood communities, etc. It has become a buzzword-like phenomena since we are told to constantly follow it.

We often hear people say that they are passionate about X or Y, but it always seems like the focus is on some external thing or force. I am pretty certain that if you asked a bunch of people what they are passionate about that you would get a bunch of varying responses. But most likely it would be about work, a hobby, a community, a relationship or an interest or call to something like music, art, learning, science, health, etc. Why does it seem that our passions are drawn to other things and people outside of ourselves?

You will not hear many people say that they are passionate about themselves. Maybe this is because it seems too self-centered or self-serving or just uncomfortable to say that we have a powerful emotion or enthusiasm for ourselves. It is just not in the “norms” of society. Maybe it is because we are not fully comfortable or accepting of ourselves or have not really spent time to know ourselves. Moon moodllow

Or could it be that through being passionate about things or people and pursuing those passions this contributes to our own well-being and happiness. It is sort of the training wheels for being passionate about ourselves. Through the experiences we have in being passionate about other things or people we learn to know how to be passionate about ourselves.

Common lore holds that when you follow your passion, bliss ensues. Which leads me to being passionate about yourself. I came across an informal poll online that asked people what they were passionate about. The one response that stood out for me was “my passion is having happiness within myself no matter what the situation.”

Being passionate about you is not selfish or conceded. It is being in-tune with yourself and thinking about and doing things (taking action) that fuels your soul. Being passionate about yourself leads you to discoveries of purpose, gives you fresh perspectives and new outlooks.

So, it is perfectly fine to have strong interests or emotions for something outside of yourself as these help you learn about yourself and contribute to who you are. Likewise, it is perfectly fine to be passionate about who you are—you—and not defined by those other things or people.

Mental Trickery

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The human mind is a funny thing. For example, when we try to remember something we just for some reason can’t, it seems the harder we try, the more we push the memory away from becoming conscious. Then all of the sudden, when we stop thinking about it and are engaged in doing something completely different, bam!, it hits us and the memory surfaces and we remember.

Repetition seems to have a powerful effect on our minds. The more we repeat certain phrases or concepts, the more they become imprinted, hence the power of mantras and affirmations. Our minds are not a straightforward thing, humans have for centuries tried to plumb its depth to gain a more clear understanding of exactly how it works.

Sigmund Freud was the first to offer a model of separating the mind into three levels of awareness or consciousness – conscious, subconcious and unconscious. Some people use the term superconsious instead of unconscious. We can flow in and out of the different levels at almost any time really, although most of us do not have the control to consciously do it as we please.

There are some people who subscribe to the theory that the human mind works like a computer, (or was even modeled after one). If this is the case, it explains a lot. Our brain would be the hard-drive and the mind a form of program, where we can also download other programs and information to enhance our knowledgebase/mindset.

Another concept that I have read about and find interesting is that our minds, brains and really the universe as a whole are holographic in nature, as proposed by neurophysiologist Dr. Karl Pribram. If our minds and reality work like a hologram, this also can explain a lot, especially the non-local nature of our brains memory storage, amongst other many almost seemingly unexplainable mental feats. Feats such as people being able to speak foreign and almost lost ancient languages they never recall learning. Swirling mind

There are other concepts of how the mind may work, but in the end what matters most is what works for us to create the reality we would like to experience. One thing that I have noticed over time with myself and others, it that the idea of mental ‘trickery’ comes in to play quite often. This is especially true when it comes to teaching and learning, as well as with healing. By using trickery in learning, it involves confounding a current belief structure in order to perceive another.

We all have certain paradigms of belief that we subscribe to. Some of us can more fluidly transition from one paradigm or belief structure to another. Those that don’t transition so easily, or even at all for that matter are known to be very stubborn or hard-headed people. Sometimes they won’t see that something (or can’t see the forest for the trees so to speak) that will change they way the look at something even if the hard evidence is staring them right in the face.

They just don’t want to believe it and are set in their ‘ways’.  In cases like these, trickery must be especially employed to help that person evolve and expand their constrained belief structure, and even then sometimes it just doesn’t work. Only time and a mass shift in collective concsiousness and acceptance of that ‘something being what it is’ will change their belief structure or paradigm they hold so dearly on to.

Healing ourselves and are bodies are another very effective way trickery can work and come in to play. The placebo and nocebo effects come to mind. Taken from wikipedia – “Mental states such as beliefs, expectations and anticipation can strongly influence the outcome of: disease; experience of pain; and even success of surgery. Positive expectations regarding a treatment can result in more positive outcomes and this effect is known as the placebo effect, and the opposite would be true for the nocebo effect.

Telling someone you gave them an amazing life saving miracle drug or treatment (when in reality it’s just a sugar pill or just something made up) can have the ability to trick that person’s mind into believing they are healed and their physical body reacts accordingly and actually heals itself. The human mind is super powerful and capable of amazing feats, especially when its ‘tricked’.

The mind works in mysterious ways. Some people have been able to train themselves through various types of hypnosis (and even self-hypnosis), mantras, affirmations, and other forms of mental training to program their minds to work so effectively they see the results on their bodies and in their creative physical reality fairly quickly. One could argue that any of these methods or tools are forms of trickery, to have the mind and body work in desired ways and thus create desired outcomes beyond our ‘normal’ thought process.

How can you use ‘mental trickery’ to enhance your life?

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