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“Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.”

Lao Tzu


Sometimes in our lives we find ourselves feeling tired, run down or even used. While helping others and service is what we want to provide to the world, we also have to make sure that we are being served. Otherwise we get to a state of exhaustion. We are responsible for replenishing our own energy.

People will take from us as much as we are willing to give. When we take a break and revitalize ourselves we can re-energize others. Revitalizing ourselves is honoring our soul.

The process of revitalization is to surrender whatever is keeping you from your path and taking action on your intentions. It involves getting the influence of others out of your system. It is a letting go of the things not working in your life anymore. In a way it is a clearing of debris. We all have our own journeys where we learn to grow and break chains of pain we have created in our worlds. sun rise tree2

The process of revitalization is to let go of worry. Worry has no significance. It de-energizes. Find the things that bring you joy and bring them into your life. Fill your life with what energizes and rejuvenates you.

Revitalization is not a reset, since we are not going back to a past time or the way things once were. It is about moving forward. Sometimes this also has a physical element of returning things to where they belong, getting rid of things that are standing in your way of moving forward. It is a physical manifestation of letting go and a clearing so that we can take the next step and move ahead

We all have wonderful abilities, but seldom accomplish great things with limited thinking. We are limitless and have the ability to transform ourselves with intent and taking action to enact the intent. Intention is the magnifier that creates our world.

Being clear on your intentions activates the energy to connect you with your desires, and opens the ability to listen to your intuition.  In short, clearing debris, trusting your intuition, strengthening your intentions and expanding your awareness will guide you to your goals and revitalize your soul.

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