Frequency & Vibration

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“If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”

~ Nikola Tesla


Many people talk about one’s vibration or ‘vibe’. What do they mean? As living beings (and all objects really), we emanate electromagnetic energy, although everything seems solid to us, including ourselves. There really is no solidity to the universe though, which quantum physics has shown us. Energy has a frequency and vibrates. Everything vibrates.

So your vibration could be thought of as your overall state of mind and emotions being wrapped up into one which you project concsiously and subconsciously. Your entire biological system works on the same frequencies that the earth emanates. Keep that in mind.

Our thoughts in of themselves have a vibration obviously as well, which effects our brainwave patterns and can be gauged on an EEG machine. Interestingly enough, when we slow down our thought processes and thus our brainwave activity, we go beyond the active and alert Beta state into the Alpha and even deeper Theta states of consciousness where our brainwave patterns slow down dramatically.

I find the correlation between brain wave patterns and depths of consciousness rather intriguing. There are many factors that can cause these changes in us. From watching TV (they call it programming for a reason), to being in a highly stressful situation, to simply focusing on your breath, and to sleep, our vibes and brain waves can change. rainbow cosmos

For example you can be in what would normally be thought of as a stressful situation at work for example to others, and not be stressed at all, or at least to a minimal degree. Some people can exude that ‘calmness in the eye of the storm’ so to speak. Amazingly, this can have an impact on other people that may be experiencing that same situation so far as to have a calming effect on those around them. This would be an example of someone’s ‘vibe’ influencing those around them.

In the same token, a person with a very frantic and nervous ‘vibe’ can influence those around them as well to move towards that same state. In the least, if you are even just somewhat sensitive or aware, you will notice something about what someone’s particular vibration may be like. Other times, peoples vibrations may be so subtle so as to you don’t notice much of anything.

Our vibration and energy signature is always ‘on’ so to speak, although it can be toned down to where it is almost imperceptible. Our perception picks up these signals, almost like an antenna picking up radio signals. People can train themselves using various tools and techniques to raise and enhance their awareness and perception.

This is an amazing ability we humans have. It also makes life much more fascinating when you can start enhancing and tapping in to your natural, but usually more latent abilities and start noticing things you once did not. Trusting and developing your intuition more, meditating more frequently (and even at certain times), self-hypnosis, chi kung, martial arts, yoga, mysticism, etc., are some of the known ways to do this.

For me personally as an example, I noticed that when I meditate at night right before I go to sleep, this increases the frequency of astral projection and out of body experiences dramatically. It actually happens I would say about 70-80% of the time when I do this. Everyone is different, some people just naturally are able to do and perceive more without any aides or techniques. I encourage you to test and try different things out to see how you can enhance and expand your own frequency and vibration.

The Nature of Your Reality

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“We crave for new sensations but soon become indifferent to them. The wonders of yesterday are today common occurrences” – Nikola Tesla


The blessing and curse of modern civilization lies very much in its technological progress. We now, more than ever are bombarded with electromagnetic stimuli in the form of television and computers including new programs, social media, virtual reality, and new gadgets amongst other things that engage our senses. All of this rapid advancement has made our lives more comfortable, practical and efficient. But this begs the question, what does this mean for our perception of reality?

If we were to travel back in time (and not even that far back) or even encountered a primitive culture residing deep within the jungle somewhere with no exposure to modern man with some of the commonly used machines of today, those people might think it was magic. The ironic part is that the further we progress technologically, the less people think that what is so called ‘magic’ is real. Magic it seems is a term given to explain the unexplainable that we may encounter and we are ‘explaining’ more things now more than ever.

And yet with all of the scientific and technological progress we have made, we really still don’t know who we are and where we came from. These age old questions are the foundation of our deeply held beliefs and the most commonly held version(s) of reality.  There are theories both scientific and theological to explain this; I am not here to argue that age old debate. What I am pointing out is that whatever our version of reality is, stems from ourselves. And really, only from ourselves will we find the truth and real answers. Otherworldly beach

Your version of reality is different then the next person’s. This difference may be small or it may large. Much of this depends on what you were taught to believe and your cultural influences. Your ability to effect your version of reality depends much upon how deeply you probe your own consciousness and challenge your own beliefs. It also depends much upon how deeply you allow outside influences (news, media, friends, family, job/career etc.) to influence you.

Sometimes though, this effect comes from more potent outside forces such as revolutionary inventions and scientific breakthroughs… however these events don’t happen everyday. So it is in your best interest to again look inward, which you can do everyday. Reality is relative, which science has proved. We are beginning to see science and metaphysics merge more and more as science and technology advances.

Quantum physics for example, is starting to prove what mystics and sages have known for centuries; that we are all inter-connected and separation is just an illusion. The trick at the end of the day is proving this to yourself, and not just taking someone else’s word for it. So I say, accept the challenge. Question your beliefs and what others and authority tells you, probe your consciousness, do thought experiments, astral travel, meditate daily, etc. In essence, come to your own conclusions.

When you can look at yourself and know from personal experience that your version of reality is a result of your own consciousness, you can then see beyond all the fancy technology, the programmed societal matrix and the version of reality popular culture constantly tells you to believe. You will only then know at a deep, cellular level that the nature of your reality can still be wondrous and magical because it is truly your own.

Where Are You

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In driving to work on a warm(ish) autumn day where the sun was bright and the leaves on the trees were having their last burst of color I started to notice that the local nurseries’ were in full Christmas holiday decoration. As I glanced at the storefronts along the highway this was a common view.  Then driving into my neighborhood, I noticed that a few houses already had Christmas decorations on them.

We haven’t even hit Thanksgiving yet, but we were being catapulted into the Christmas holiday season. Thinking back to August, I had the same experience where the new school year didn’t even start yet and we were in the last days of summer, but yet the Halloween candy and decorations were abundant.

These are more overt examples, but they got me thinking about how we can lose where we are and are compelled to transition our thoughts and actions to some time in the future, taking us out of the present. And for some these grand signs of impending holidays (or other future events) conjure up feelings of being behind in planning, and falsely thinking that we need to get a jump start so when the “holidays” or the future event arrives we can just relax and enjoy them. When our planning and work are done we can be in the moment. glowing-wish

Outside of the commercial aspects of this, in today’s society we have built in these distractions and real-time references to some future point or milestone that pull us away from being grounded in our daily experience of simply being. We have instilled the concept and expectation around planning that fuel lower vibrations of fear, worry, comparison, etc., under the illusion that somehow when we get to that milestone we can enjoy it.  We function in a state of tending to do too much and be too little.

There is a preoccupation of getting “stuff” done and a mindset that being still or idle is not productive. We have built a society in which people, especially in developed countries, are overactive, distracted and restless—thinking that they need to do more, have more or be more. And we get so preoccupied that we may even lose sight of gratitude.

Our physical selves—our brains—are sort of programmed to race from one thought to another, and our emotional selves get caught up in feeling guilty, inadequate or fearful when we are not in some physical state of perpetual motion fed by self imposed expectation. This is compounded when the institutions around us put distractions in front of us that make us have either a step in the past or the future—but not in the present. Be it (too) early holiday promotion and commercials, social media or legacy expectations, we forget to appreciate right where we are and who we are.

But we have the power to walk away from the distraction and to remind ourselves that we are in the present. We have the power to be in the now and stop ourselves from being transported into some future state (or to be dwelling in past states). We have the will to shut out the noise and be comfortable right where we are.

As the holiday season gets kicked-off with Thanksgiving in the US—with the “race” to New Years, realize that the now is all we have. The past is a story and the future will unfold as it should. Recognize the feeling of complete presence and focus on incorporating that feeling more into your every day life. Know where you are and just be.

Nurture Your Energy. Nourish Your Soul.

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“We live as ripples of energy in the vast ocean of energy”

~Deepak Chopra


The concept of energy in the metaphysical sense and as a life force can seem complex. But simply put, each of us is energy and each of us is a powerful energy source that radiates thoughts, feelings, emotions or vibes. In short, we are living power sources of energy. We possess a “core” energy that we are born with when our souls decide to be in the physical world. Further, being part of a collective, through our interactions we accept or intake energy from those around us and we give energy as well. In this constant energy flow we must be in-tune with or aware of that flow or the “give and take” of our energy sources.

We all have encountered people that light up a room or to which many are drawn to. These people possess great sources of energy and those in their presence are energized by them. We have also encountered the energy vampires, those who over step their bounds and suck energy from others. They essentially take the energy from others to compensate for what they may feel is a drain of their energy or an insecurity that their energy is at risk. They take, but they do not give back. dim moon

Regardless of where on the spectrum you may fall, it is important to effectively manage your energy. In efforts to help others you may let too much of your energy source be tapped and can find yourself drained and tired, and even experience physical symptoms of being sick. Or you may be in a period of a negative mindset where you are experiencing self-defeating thoughts or behaviors, blaming others or seeking answers from others. This can quickly deplete energy and you may intentionally or unintentionally siphon energy from others.

To effectively manage your energy you need to take care of yourself and nurture your soul and nurture your energy. You need to be conscious of when you start to experience exhaustion or negativity and thoughts, words and actions that are misaligned with your intentions and purpose. You have to hit a reset button and decide how you will use your life energy.

Here are some ways that you can nurture your energy:

  • Practice mindfulness: Focus on being in the moment and rid yourself of distraction
  • Meditate: Take 10-15 minutes a day to calm your mind, pay attention to your breathing and use a soothing, positive mantra.
  • Be grateful: Have gratitude for the blessings in your life—however subtle or small.
  • Exercise: For physical benefit and or enlivening your soul. Take a walk. Get outside. Put your body in motion.
  • Drop judgement and comparison: Validate your own experience and let go of expectations.
  • Accept yourself: Accept where you are now and that you are a whole or complete person now. You are perfect now.
  • Embrace your experiences and emotions: They are part of the growing and enlightenment process. Reflect upon what you are feeling and why and let go of negativity.
  • Listen to the whispers of your soul: Get out of your head and over thinking things. Clear the sound waves of the noise and know your soul has the answers

How do you nurture your energy and nourish your soul?


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“A kind of light spread out from her. And everything changed color. And the world opened out. And a day was good to awaken to. And there were no limits to anything. And the people of the world were good and handsome. And I was not afraid any more. ”

~ John Steinbeck, East of Eden


We have entered an amazing time—a time of Universal change. As I have talked about in some recent posts we are in a phase where we are transitioning from the Third Dimension to the Fifth Dimension, a dimension of consciousness outside the constraints of space and time (known as the Third and Fourth Dimensions where your mind and body are aligned in a physical reality) and where you function or experience space in a more fluid reality (Into the Fifth Dimension).  And the pace is accelerating.

This month there will be super waves of energy—of gamma light—from the center of the Universe (also know as the Galactic Core). This has been coined Wave X. WaveX energy will be coming through the earth at maximum strength and peaking on September 28. We are already well into it and feeling its effects. These massive energy waves coming into earth happen only every 3600 years, and they coincide with significant changes in the evolutionary cycle of human kind.

As you can imagine, as WaveX—with its super strong energy—comes into earth this will have a tremendous impact on you, including your physical being. But it is nothing to fear. On the contrary, it is something to fully embrace.

WaveX—these incoming cosmic energies that have been building since late August—will accelerate and heighten a frequency shift in consciousness. This will inspire an evolutionary change and initiate an incredible change across the planet. These changes will not necessarily be sudden or be seen as “big” events onto themselves, but this massive energy will fuel change already occurring in the Universe, such as those we see being played out in major institutions and existing paradigms in the world in which we live.


WaveX will speed the ascension of many, especially those functioning at higher frequencies—but all will be impacted in someway.  WaveX will be fueling a mass scale raising of consciousness and spiritual Self.  We have been experiencing the impact of new energy and energy shifts as part of the Universal change and the ascension process—where we transform and heighten our consciousness.

As I talked about, this can result in a variety of symptoms, ranging from being restless, being “wired,” being tired, headaches and body aches, feeling sad or lonely, agitated, depressed, feeling on edge as if something is going to happen but you just don’t know what or when, etc.

And the emotions and feelings can swing (in short time frames) from feeling good or OK with things, even content or happy to feeling upset, scared or not well. This is normal. It’s best to let yourself go through these feelings with kindness and no self-judgment, and to lean on techniques and practices for relaxation such a meditation, grounding, exercise, etc.

It is important to remember at this time that you initially attract what you judge. With this, recognize that judgments can become reminders for new conscious behavior. Keep an open mind and an open heart. When approaching the transition to the Fifth Dimension the shift can be easier and even enjoyable by experiencing each moment.

Indeed, this time of WaveX can be a difficult period for many as they struggle with how they are feeling—emotionally, physically and spiritually. You can’t fight these feelings. You need to be introspective and trust this natural process of change, and rest in knowing that the Universal change that will be accelerated by WaveX is a natural process—and necessary that will result in a world of understating purpose, of compassion and love.

I would love to hear how you are experiencing WaveX.

Into the Fifth Dimension

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“The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness”

– Lao Tzu


Human consciousness and the universe are going through major shifts. There is monumental change underway as we move to a higher dimension, what you may have heard as the Fifth Dimension, a dimension of consciousness outside the constraints of space and time (known as the Third and Fourth Dimensions where your mind and body are aligned in a physical reality) and where you function or experience space in a more fluid reality. There is a lot of good writing and perspectives about this natural evolution to higher dimensions and if you want to learn more go to you favorite search engine and start reading!

These shifts are the influx of a higher frequency energy coming into the universe and flowing into and through each of us. In short, there is a transformation of energy causing an awakening. And the awakening is resulting is new waves of universal and energetic truth. Truths we see being exposed in work environments, governments, communities, etc.

The pace of the transition is accelerating and we are experiencing shifts in the political landscape, social and economic ecosystems and more. This causes tension—tension between those who are holding on, who want to control and perpetuate their own existence—the power brokers—with those who are waking up, who are seeing and experiencing the universal truths and are evolving and vibrating at increased energy levels.

We are experiencing phenomena of the universe where many are entering new awakenings in the new wave of energies taking place. This experience can be challenging as we shift consciousness while using our physical world and being—and old reflections—to create our current reality. This is an interesting “place” to be as we launch into new discoveries, freedom and new found empowerment. space

Collective humanity is being drawn into the inevitable Fifth Dimension. This transition can be sometimes difficult to handle emotionally, as well as energetically. And if our individual energy is not in sync with new energy frequencies flowing the energetic transition can be a bit overwhelming to our bodies and minds—sometimes creating emotional and physical issues.

The intensity of this energy may give you a feeling of being unsettled, restless or sometimes feeling lost or not sure what to do. In this state you may find yourself questioning things, looking for answers, feeling out of sorts like in limbo or floating, feeling a bit untethered, or even having physical reactions of anxiety, being more emotional, tired, sore, etc. You will find yourself in familiar surroundings but somehow they seem strange or different. You may experience your friends and family differently, and experience feelings of loneliness or sadness.

You are in the early stages of the transition and your physical being is adjusting. Find comfort in knowing this is a natural step in your process of change and the progression of the universe, and know it will improve as you get more acclimated to moving into this new dimension. You will realize accelerated thinking—find yourself making connections faster and being more creative.  You will experience the ability to move through challenges and emotions more quickly and easily, and being able to let go of negativity and find peace with the past.

So as you find yourself in this transition—embrace it, welcome it!  There will be days when it will be difficult, but this is the time to be centered and grounded, and to focus on seeing the good that will come. Have confidence in knowing that this new influx of energy will help heal issues we are presently experiencing in our lives and the world, and is moving each of us forward in our Universal purpose. While in this state of transition, adjust your expectations, find time to quiet your mind, learn to love yourself, be compassionate—and give yourself comfort. Be kind to yourself, and take care of yourself. Eat healthy, get rest and relax into the change (Spiritual Relaxation).

Your turn—I would love to hear from you on what you may be experiencing!

Being Present

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“Nothing Belongs To You & Yet Everything Is You”

– Mooji


Sometimes I have to keep reminding myself how impermanent life can be and how fleeting it is. Things seem to happen and change so fast in life sometimes that what happened so long ago can seem like it was just yesterday and what happened yesterday can seem like it was so long ago. What we encounter in life whether it be in our work, family, relationships etc., happen the way they do for a reason and we can only experience it once.  It may not seem that way though at times when all of these things are seemingly so accessible in our lives.

These things can become so familiar and common to us that we take them for granted. We tend to go through life in a lot of cases on auto-pilot and without the full awareness we are capable of. Unfortunately this is at our own detriment because we miss out on the full potential of the moment. The main reason behind this is because we feel the people or circumstances in our lives will always be there, or that they will be gone too soon and so our minds may be somewhere else at the time instead of just being in the moment.

I would go so far as to say that a lot of people feel as if they are immortal, (although they usually won’t admit it) that they have all the time in the world to put off what they can do and experience today.  I am sure you have heard the old saying – ‘act as if today is the last day you have to live’. This is a lot harder said than done but I feel the idea behind it can help us live more fulfilled lives if we were to live life keeping this in mind.Cosmic-lighthouse

Acting as if today is the last day we will be alive will help us live in the moment more and not take things for granted. How could we if we really felt this way? It would almost be impossible to do so. Our minds would not wander off to some ephemeral distant future that may never come.

Another thing that allows us to live more intensely and in the present moment is to know our connection with everyone and everything around us. We have been told since time immemorial from mystics and sages alike that we are all one.  It’s even harder to see this in today’s world with how we are so easily connected to each other through modern technology and yet we are seemingly more disconnected than ever at the same time.

If we could really feel what the sages of old and new tell us, that I am you and you are me, the world would be a different place. We would be genuinely different people and we would treat each other with love and respect. We would be more present naturally. Of course those of us consciously evolving at a higher pace can’t wait for the world to catch up, really it never will. We must act accordingly now and hopefully inspire those around us at the same time.

Meditation is the greatest tool to see this connection, to be in the moment and live our lives fully present. This cannot be just an intellectual idea, it must be felt and seen beyond the distractions of our daily lives. Once we know this, what those around us do no longer affects us as it once did as we see it is just a reflection of a part of ourselves. We don’t take things personally and judgements fall away. Attachments and aversions are gone along with all of the other false ideas we have been socially programmed to believe.

Perception is reality and reality can be what you make and see it for or what others tell you it is, it’s your choice. Being present is a major key to seeing things for what they truly are.






Listening to Your Soul’s Lessons

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In this physical world it can be difficult to sort through your intentions, your purpose and your soul’s plan as you navigate your daily life and deal with small inconveniences to major decisions, as you try to do the right thing, be there for others or just find some quiet time to think or to be. And then when you get that time to think, to contemplate or run through your emotions you start thinking that you are, well, thinking too much.

Sometimes you might start to feel disconnected. For me, I think this may mean that what my mind may think is my soul’s journey is not really my soul’s journey.  I’ll start to question if I’m on the right path, if I am where I’m supposed to be or am doing what I’m supposed to be doing, and then I remind myself that yes, I guess I am since I’m living my soul’s journey. This can get a bit confusing and definitely overwhelming–but yet so meaningful and impactful. Here’s my latest encounter with this.

Recently I was on a trip to a place I never was before. I knew why I was going, what I was supposed to do and had the “measures of success” defined. But when I got to the destination, I just felt out of sorts–uncomfortable, uneasy and questioning why I was really there. Was my being there really going to make a difference, was something good going to come out of the trip? I started to think I shouldn’t be there, and I started my count down to when I would be back home. Yes, it got a bit negative for sure.trees-walkway

I reminded myself that I was there because I was meant to be there, and what my mind may have determined as the reasons why may not really be the reasons why. And this turned out to be the case. The place, the people, the encounters, even if sometimes uncomfortable, were an experience that added to the fabric of my life and all were intended.

On one level the trip brought back and reminded me of some of my heritage (my past). It revealed a present that was notably different and seemed dated–like being in a past era although 2015. It revealed a perseverance, a strong will and even a contentment of a people. And it provided me an opportunity to meet new people–but people to whom I somehow felt a distinct connection.

Throughout the week, I realized that indeed I was supposed to be there. There was a message and a lesson, but more so an energy–something from my past revealing itself for my present and my future. I left taking this with me and knowing that I am fine just as I am right now and where I am right now.

It reminded me to have an open mind, and more importantly to mine the lessons of my soul’s journey. It reminded me to put experiences in the context of my life’s story. When I started to reflect on what I was feeling and experiencing I started to see the connections to my past and my present and how these would be part of my future. I saw my soul’s intention as my spirit’s way of helping me find fulfillment in this lifetime and how I can take the lessons to help shape my physical self and my soul.