All Roads Lead to Nothing

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Every once in a while it feels like life throws us a curve ball or puts up a road block that makes us question what we are doing and why we are doing it, and to have that more immediate reaction of “why bother” or “I just wasted time and energy.” You know that feeling (and some may say it out loud) of “well, that’s hours of my life that I wasted” or “can’t get back.”

It is, for the most part, a normal human reaction. Be it time and energy invested in a relationship, job, project, etc., when something happens that feels like It halts progress, changes how we feel, what we do or how we do it, we tend to initially feel betrayed—after all, we were hoping and believing that the experiences we were having were going to result in something, deliver us a next step up the proverbial ladder of success, or get us connected to new people or places that would serve some purpose for our purpose.

I am a firm believer in experiences and that there is no such thing as time or energy wasted. From every experience we learn, grow, evolve and progress. But sometimes we get a bit off center about the experience. As we embrace that any given path we are on—with persons we encounter, situations or challenges we navigate, hurdles we overcome and emotions we feel—will deliver something tangible and an outcome that will get us to the “next level,” open a door to a new opportunity or fulfill us. road-to-nowwhere-2

And when after investing time and energy on this path, a wrench gets thrown in, we can sometimes think of ourselves as a fool. But the only foolish thing was losing sight—even for a few moments—that it is not about the end game or getting to the next level. It is not about a deliverable for the hope or expectation we held. It is simply about the experience—nothing more and nothing less.

In a way, all roads lead to nothing if you are thinking in a liner fashion and that the road will lead you somewhere, with somewhere defined as a destination or end point. Think about it this way. There are no destinations or end points.  There is a flow of interactions, events, emotions and feelings that are all part of your experiences.

Life really is a collection of endless and timeless experiences—essentially a continuous string of them. When we start to overlay expectations on our experiences or desire an experience to result in something tangible with some time line attached to it, this is where we can start to feel a bit betrayed or deflated and think that the Universe is working against us. Sometimes we put too much emphasis on what our purpose in life is. Our purpose is to experience and through those individual experiences we are part of the Universal whole.

There is no “end” in life because your life is not about fulfilling any fixed agenda. Your life is energy experiencing itself. Your life energy—as in all energy—never stops. It flows. When you remove the mind-set of thinking of your life as a project plan with milestones and key deliverables, and simply let the process of your life unfold you will be able to be more in the moment and appreciate your experiences for creating the every evolving you. All you encounter, all the people you meet on your path and all you feel are there for a reason—with that reason being for you to just experience.

Your Here and Now

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“You are everything that is, your thoughts, your life, your dreams come true. You are everything you choose to be. You are as unlimited as the endless universe.”

~ Shad Helmstetter

In many of the posts that I have written I talk about such things as the current physical world in which we live, multiple dimensions and ascension. I have also shared thoughts on intention, living consciously and the power of choice.  As humans mostly having our experiences in the third dimension, although we are becoming enlightened and are ascending, we tend to still view our lives as a collection or a series of linear experiences.

We define what has happened as memories, what is happening now as real or in real time and what will happen as the unknown or an aspiration. What I would like to explore with you is the concept of the here and now and that there is an array of parallel experiences for you here and now, and that this is where intent and choice come into play.

To help you think about this, think about your experiences from the vantage point of the multitude of radio or satellite stations to which you have access. As you are driving you may search the stations to find something to listen to—be it music, the news or a talk show. You choose to listen to a station and may stay with it for awhile or it may bore you or it may not be of interest to you and you turn the dial. But you know at any given moment that there are multiple broadcasts (choices) going on at the very same time.

At any given moment, there are an unimaginable number of things going on in the world at the same time—sports events, concerts, meetings, classes, dinners, shopping, work, etc. You, as a being mostly experiencing your life in the linear third dimension, experience where you may be or what you are doing, but you know that there are over seven billion people (world population) having their experiences right where they are as well. paralleldimensions

A way of looking at this is that there are alternate realities that exist parallel to our own and we are all co-existing with other realities. This affords us free will or choice, and practicing this choice consciously with intention creates your reality. What you do, how you do it and where you do it are all choices made completely by you, and it creates your here and now.

In creating your reality you can have anything you choose. But note, there is an element of consistency that is needed over a period of time. There is a factor that allows us to alter or change our minds before we get what we ask for or want to create. There are many of you who may question why what you think or say you want to create has not yet been realized. You need to take a hard look at the consistency of your intent and actions.

It very well could be that you are still in a “buffer zone” where you are unconsciously figuring out what you really want to create or what your human self thinks it wants is not really aligned with your higher Self or purpose. It is very important to be careful and conscious on what you want to create as your reality, especially if what you want to manifest has not been seriously and well thought out or visualized. As the old adage goes, be careful of what you ask for.

As we are co-existing with other realities, there are lines or veils between realities and we exclude non-relevant realities from our consciousness. As we are evolving from the third dimension in which we experience life fueled by such lower frequencies as fear, anger, uncertainty, jealousy, etc., in the construct of duality and in a linear modality to the fourth (the gateway dimension) to a fifth dimension, there is a thinning between dimensional realities. In this state, time will no longer be experienced in a linear manner and these lines will slowly fade.

In such a time, it is important to first understand this is happening and also to choose wisely among your realities, deeply considering what non-chosen reality you leave behind as you advance toward your chosen reality and direct your own destiny. Creating your here and now requires that you take responsibility for your choices and for you to realize what you choose is going to be what you manifest.

Fear Not the Day

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How more often then not that we drift uneasy into our night’s sleep with way too many thoughts running through our minds. We play over encounters from the day and the little (or big) dramas. We put more things on the next day’s “to-do” list that we did not get done. We think about times past, what we missed, wish we did or where we would like to be. And we put ourselves fully in yesterday or the next day thinking about what we have to do or sometimes dreading some where we have to be. First of all—not a good way to fall into sleep, but more so this sets us up so that within the first few seconds of our mornings our minds kick into high gear carrying over the thoughts from the night before, and we may actually start to fear the day.

You know that feeling—you wake up and your body feels a bit heavy, your head is fuzzy and you push yourself to get yourself in motion. Within the first very few precious moments of your new day, you have lost the joy of jumping into the day. You pre-loaded the day with expectations, doubt, uncertainty and fear.

This is really no way to start each new day, and we need to flip this mindset.  Think how amazing it is to wake up and feel excited about the day ahead and being in a state of mind where you embrace and look forward to the new experiences that await you.  Think how empowering it is to step into your day with confidence and strength. Think about how gratifying it is to be in the actual moments of your day.

Overall our lives in this physical dimension are a collection or succession of continuous single, unique days. The lives we chose to live in this dimension are determined by how we choose to spend each day. mesa-arch

With many things going on in life it can be challenging to feel charged for the day ahead—but the more I practice getting in this mind set that the more I realize it is about intention and putting in some effort. It’s not always easy to keep the loud noise from vibrating in my head, to turn down the volume and clear my mind. It takes practice to ease into your evening or night, to quiet yourself, as well as to stop your mind from going into overdrive within the first few minutes after you wake up. Deep conscious breathing and still or active meditation does help.

I think sometimes of the times in my life where days came and went and I was functioning in an over scripted routine—letting worry, frustration, anxiety and fear drive me–where I was rushing just to sit in traffic. Rushing to get the morning work out in. Running from meeting to meeting. Eating lunch at my desk for weeks if not months on end. Rushing to be places as if it would be the end of the world if I was late a few minutes.

Jumping ahead in my thoughts so much that I was not really listening and hearing people. This current physical life is a bit too short to be going through each of my new days like this. So—I stopped. Over the past few years I have worked to change by mindset—and focus on each day as a gift and to embrace my days for the potential they hold. I have made the decision not to start each day from a point of fear, worry or expectation.

Do I always get it “right.” Well, of course not. But in being fortunate to get another day, I hit the reset button. And I have to say over a few years, I have made lasting changes for the better—and I don’t lose sight that I will make the most of each day in the context of that day—rain or shine, crazy busy or slow, red lights and green lights and everything in between.

You Always Have Options

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For whatever reason it seems that most people tend to limit themselves… and in more ways than one. We tend to limit ourselves when it comes to our relationships, jobs/career, hobbies, food choices, places we go, what we wear, what we say, our belief systems etc., I could go on and on. This topic came to me because I realized that I am at fault of doing this just as much as the next guy and I see it happen all the time amongst people I talk to that I know as well as people I just met.

This is the recipe for a comfortable, but rather boring life. Keeping ourselves limited that is. But we humans tend to err on the side of comfort rather than taking a risk. It’s just seemingly easier that way, although as the old saying goes, ‘no risk, no reward’. It’s true, you will rarely be rewarded handsomely for doing the same routine stuff over and over or repeating the same old pattern(s) in life. And that’s pretty much what this boils down to, we get used to repeating the same patterns in our lives. It’s easy to get used to doing the same things over and over.

The same route to work, the same meals cycled through over and over every week or two, the same clothes we wore just last week, the same word patterns that come out of our mouths on auto-pilot, the same thought patterns that we engage ourselves in. If you have ever heard of Pareto’s Principle or better known as the 80/20 rule, this explains this concept rather well.

It basically states that 80 percent of the output of a given situation is determined by 20 percent of the input. This is a rough estimate, and in reality sometimes it can be more extreme like 85/15 or even 90/10. For example, you could say that some (if not many) people will wear a small portion (20 percent) of their wardrobe 80 percent of the time. Didn’t I just wear this shirt last week? yin-yang-tip

So I’d like to take this time out to remind you (and myself) that you always have options. You don’t have to stay in that mediocre relationship just because you are comfortable and used to that person. You don’t have to stay in that same boring job you hate (or semi-hate), you don’t have to have the same routine everyday even if you think it is a healthy one! Ah, there are a lot of you don’t have to’s in life, are there not?

We talk a lot about changing the way we think about things on this blog, especially our beliefs about things or changing our core belief system to help us evolve. This is a big one that many will stick to tooth and nail just because it was what they were taught to believe ever since they were children. We don’t want to rock the boat or move that cornerstone that all of our beliefs are based upon out of comfort and fear of what it would mean.

Plus, a lot of those around us and those people we always looked up to either taught us these things or approved of them. The societal matrix we live in depends on us keeping with the status quo and not questioning the mainstream consensus. This is another biggie when it comes to limiting ourselves and our options in life.

A good way of looking at other options or making some changes for ourselves is to see things as an adventure or better yet an experiment. This way there isn’t too much heavy emotional investment and it’s easier to take some risks mentally. We could always go back to our old ways if we choose.

Try This Experiment in Manifestation

Here’s something you can try, just as a fun experiment:

  • Start telling yourself and visualizing something that you would like to see ultimately manifest in your life, whether that be a certain experience or situation you would like to be part of. Manifesting a concrete object you can also do, but I find can be more difficult in the beginning, so start with the latter which is easier at first.
  • Choose an experience that really intrigues and entertains you (hopefully positive). Something simple that would be fun and easy to visualize, imagine or daydream about if you want to look at it that way.  It could be as simple as getting a certain reaction from a particular person (or a stranger even), running into someone (friend or acquaintance) somewhere in particular (or a random place even) or having someone say something to you out of the blue. Eventually you can build on this and create more complex situations.
  • Of course, the more time and energy you put into it on a daily basis the better, but you should do it daily, twice a day for best results. Let yourself relax and use your imagination.  In the end, your mind does not know the difference between something real or imagined that you tell it as long as you put strong emotion and visualization behind it and so it goes to work creating it. Give it a shot and see what happens. Be patient, it may take a while so at least give it 30 days.

I’ve actually manifested some interesting things/experiences in my life doing this. The strangest part about this process is that if and when it does happen, it will when you least expect it and secondly, it’s rarely exactly as you thought it would be. There are usually at least some small, if not sometimes large differences/details from what you visualized although the general idea, experience or concept that you chose to create happens.

The more you do it, the better you get at it because your confidence builds and so does your belief in your ability to do it. The more you master this process the more accurate your experience will be compared to your created visualization/story. Have fun with it and don’t take yourself too seriously.  It’s good to exercise our options more often than not. Experimenting with our creative self is one way to do this and explore reality on a deeper level.

It’s too easy to do the same thing over and over and build repetitious patterns in our lives as I mentioned before. Patterns can be a good thing in some cases but they can also become a trap, and a limiting one at that. Remember, we are also creative (human) beings, so we have free will and free choice to break our self-imposed, limiting molds and models and give ourselves endless options.

It Matters Not

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“When times are tough is matters not that we forget we are infinite beings. What matters most is how quickly we remember.”

~ Gail Lynne Goodwin


All too often in the midst of challenging situations, difficult times or when we are at a crossroads in a season of our lives we lose sight that we are indeed infinite beings, and we wrap ourselves up in worry, fear and doubt. We inject into our thoughts and actions criticism, judgement, blame and jealousy. And we may start to overthink things, think that everything matters and we get emotionally paralyzed.

Some words of wisdom—it matters not. All what you get hyper-focused on, run through your head hundreds of times trying to play out every possible scenario, all the “what if’s” and all the worry and the “mistakes” or “mis-judgements” you think you may make—matter not.

As I talked about in the past, there are no such things as mistakes. We are all complete and have the information and knowledge we need built right inside our Selves. We experience, and those experiences open the channels through which knowledge and knowing can flow. When we think and function as if everything matters, we block those channels.

So often we worry about what people think about us or what they may say. We put too much emphasis on what we may think of as “mistakes” we made. We live in other’s expectations, comparing ourselves to others or in the state of judgement. space stars galaxy

In this physical existence, we live in a world of demands, places to be, things to do, and often in a world of arbitrary or self-imposed deadlines. We allow ourselves to get pulled into other peoples dramas, urgencies and sometimes “busy work”. If we are not living consciously or in a state of self awareness, we can get lost in this maze—and start to worry, live in doubt and anxiety and lose ourselves.

I ask that you take a breath, ground yourself and reflect on the concept of it matters not.

Think of “it matters not” not as a synonym for lack of, or without judgement, but for acceptance. It matters not allows you the freedom of your expression of yourself with no limitations—and not concerning yourself with the choices or the expressions of others. It is not not caring. It is about being true to yourself and not being threatened by difference.

For example, it matters not that you may have friends or family that have a different philosophy or way of thinking. It matters not that your experiences are different from others. What is important is not to incorporate the expression of being threatened or being fearful by difference into your existence.

Remember you are an infinite being, and as an infinite being you create every experience in your life. When you believe that everything you think, say or do matters and worry; anxiety and fear accompanies what you think, say or do, you are giving away your power to lower vibrations of self blame and judgement. Through your thoughts you are choosing your reality, and if you are not pleased with your reality, take some time to reflect on your thoughts and your emotions.

Today, let go of “it matters” and move to a state of self acceptance, knowing that you can change your current state of reality and realize clarity and peace.