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“Everything comes to us that belongs to us if we create the capacity to receive it.”

Rabindranath Tagore


As we stand at the beginning of a New Year let us not lose sight of the growth that we each have achieved and the experiences we have had in 2015.  Let us take these with us into the New Year.

For many the beginning of a New Year brings closure to the past. However, in this closure it is important to keep the learnings, the insight, and the awakenings we have had with us. For some life is experienced in a linear fashion and this time of a New Year is a time to close the door on the previous year—with joy and happiness, hope, or sadness or fear. In doing so they forget that all the experiences, feelings, and emotions of the year added to the fabric of them and to the Universe.

New Year’s is an amazing time. It is a time to take stock of ourselves and the world in which we live, to set new goals and intentions, and to ride the energy wave and spirit of the holiday season. It is a time to reflect and to make peace with and accept our past, to accept who we are and why, and to let go of things not working in our lives. Equally, it is important to be conscious of the constant state of change, to our energy and vibration, and to be fully cognizant of our thoughts, words and actions. cosmos_reflection

Everyday, regardless of how routine or mundane it may seem, provides lessons, presents choices and opens doors to new opportunities. Some of these may be subtle and quiet and some may be big and loud, and even unexpected or disruptive. Remember to embrace them all and to acknowledge and welcome all the emotions that come along. Key here is to be fully present in your life and to follow your instincts.

Everyday we are in ascension—the process by which our energy and consciousness rises in harmony with our true Self, where we find new focus in life on earth, and where we rise to a higher level of being. Our vibrations are rising and our higher consciousness is increasingly able to reside or live within our physical bodies. Through ascension, our bodies, emotions, minds and even genetic makeup are changing.

This is a time for celebration and a season to nurture the growth of this new world within yourself and around you. Your “new” self is already present. It is your soul. Keep your focus on this and try not to get distracted. Do not lose your soul’s signal or fight or suppress what you may be feeling. Believe in yourself and the Universe. Not believing will diminish the power and the energy of you. You were born with the power to turn your thoughts into reality and destined to live your purpose in joy and happiness. Believe that you have all you need within you and through your connectedness with the Universe.

As we turn the calendar page to 2016, let’s jump into all the days believing in ourselves and the greatness and diviness in ourselves. Happy New Year!

Your Soul’s Song

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“Music is the language of the spirit. It opens the secret of life bringing peace, abolishing strife.” 

― Kahlil Gibran

As we approach this physical world’s year end, for many it is time to reflect and for some to measure where they are in the plans and goals they set forth for themselves as the New Year of 2015 began. Time to take stock of progress they have made towards their intentions, and contemplate their emotions and where they are currently in their lives. This can be exhilarating for some where they are excited to step into the new year based on the growth they realized.

For others it can be a feeling of more work to do and being at peace with that. And for some it may feel discouraging or disappointing whereby they are still being a bit more judgemental of themselves or comparing themselves to others—where they may be living in others’ expectations. Regardless of where you may fall on the spectrum of “reflection” keep front and center that you are on your soul’s journey.

If you feel that you have not “progressed” or “evolved” to the place you wanted to be, let go of the judgement. Take time to deeply reflect and meditate on your emotions. Embrace all of them—joy, sadness, confidence and doubt, etc. They are yours and are your Self sending you a message. Acknowledge them and move forward knowing that you have the power to manifest your dreams and desires. Listen to your inner voice and trust your instincts. You have all the answers you seek.

If you feel that maybe you did not end the year where you thought you wanted to be, re-examine your intentions and be open with yourself about what obstacles you may have put in your own way. And remember that sometimes your soul may need for you to go through a few rounds of the same emotions or challenges so that you learn from them, grow and can move on and not relive them again. These are the “reminds” (The “Re-Mind”) I talked about earlier this year. beach-sundown

Learning to love your self (Love Thy Self) and knowing that you are right where you are supposed to be are Universal truths. Let go of judgement, of jealously and of unnecessary want. Know and believe that you are a divine being and part of something bigger than your single self.

This has been a tremendous year with the entry of new energy (WaveX) into the Earth we inhabit. There is a great ascension underway that can be emotionally, mentally and physically trying. Do not fear it. We are all on a collective journey to a harmonious and higher existence, but our physical bodies can be challenged by this journey. Our mental capacities of focus and concentration can be drained. And our souls may feel agitated and uneasy. These are the times not to ignore these symptoms. These are the times to ensure that you take care of yourself—to eat healthy, to rest, to exercise, to meditate, and to relax (Spiritual Relaxation) into what you are experiencing.

And most importantly, these are the times to hear the harmony that your soul sings inside you. For many, we forget how to listen to our soul’s song. We get distracted. Noise enters and we lose sight of the signal. Life can feel busy and overwhelming with long lists of “to-do’s,” coupled with thoughts of “should haves” and “if only’s. But life is a wonderful gift of the Universe to you. Your soul chose to be in this physical place to experience everything on your path. As you are on this Universal excursion fueled by the new energy coming into this world your soul is working to return to its innate frequency—its song.

You are part of the Universe (The Universe is You)—and as the Universe—are energy. As you go through the constant state of change—as you make peace with your past and release hurts, fears and traumas, you are making connections to your divine Self and are ascending. You are getting closer to your truth. You are enlightened and receive, through opening channels, knowledge and wisdom. Even though some days it may not feel like it you are advancing. You are waking up. Now is not the time to be discouraged or disheartened. Now is the time to celebrate and follow your energy path. Let your soul’s song be heard and let it vibrate through you into the Universe.

I encourage you to read through the collection of posts that we published this year. They themselves have been a journey. My hope is that in re-reading them in the context of what you have learned, where you are now and with the insight of the Universal change underway that you find solace, hope and guidance. My wish for you at this Holiday Season is that you begin to hear a bit louder the song inside of you and to rejoice in it!

Nurture Your Energy. Nourish Your Soul.

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“We live as ripples of energy in the vast ocean of energy”

~Deepak Chopra


The concept of energy in the metaphysical sense and as a life force can seem complex. But simply put, each of us is energy and each of us is a powerful energy source that radiates thoughts, feelings, emotions or vibes. In short, we are living power sources of energy. We possess a “core” energy that we are born with when our souls decide to be in the physical world. Further, being part of a collective, through our interactions we accept or intake energy from those around us and we give energy as well. In this constant energy flow we must be in-tune with or aware of that flow or the “give and take” of our energy sources.

We all have encountered people that light up a room or to which many are drawn to. These people possess great sources of energy and those in their presence are energized by them. We have also encountered the energy vampires, those who over step their bounds and suck energy from others. They essentially take the energy from others to compensate for what they may feel is a drain of their energy or an insecurity that their energy is at risk. They take, but they do not give back. dim moon

Regardless of where on the spectrum you may fall, it is important to effectively manage your energy. In efforts to help others you may let too much of your energy source be tapped and can find yourself drained and tired, and even experience physical symptoms of being sick. Or you may be in a period of a negative mindset where you are experiencing self-defeating thoughts or behaviors, blaming others or seeking answers from others. This can quickly deplete energy and you may intentionally or unintentionally siphon energy from others.

To effectively manage your energy you need to take care of yourself and nurture your soul and nurture your energy. You need to be conscious of when you start to experience exhaustion or negativity and thoughts, words and actions that are misaligned with your intentions and purpose. You have to hit a reset button and decide how you will use your life energy.

Here are some ways that you can nurture your energy:

  • Practice mindfulness: Focus on being in the moment and rid yourself of distraction
  • Meditate: Take 10-15 minutes a day to calm your mind, pay attention to your breathing and use a soothing, positive mantra.
  • Be grateful: Have gratitude for the blessings in your life—however subtle or small.
  • Exercise: For physical benefit and or enlivening your soul. Take a walk. Get outside. Put your body in motion.
  • Drop judgement and comparison: Validate your own experience and let go of expectations.
  • Accept yourself: Accept where you are now and that you are a whole or complete person now. You are perfect now.
  • Embrace your experiences and emotions: They are part of the growing and enlightenment process. Reflect upon what you are feeling and why and let go of negativity.
  • Listen to the whispers of your soul: Get out of your head and over thinking things. Clear the sound waves of the noise and know your soul has the answers

How do you nurture your energy and nourish your soul?

You Forever

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As we grow up in this modern society, we are taught that diversity is a good thing and something that should be embraced. We are taught to accept other cultures different from our own, as well as be tolerant of other peoples differences and beliefs. This to me, seems like it should be common sense, as we are all different and unique individuals, have our own beliefs and we should naturally value these differences in others.

I mean, if we were all more or less the same, cookie cutter human beings this world would be a pretty dull place. As we grow in to adulthood, prejudices, social programming and our own culture begin to shape and condition our minds, consciously and unconsciously… for better or for worse. So, that is why (at least here where I live in America anyway) we have to be taught that diversity is a good thing. It’s repeated to us constantly in school, in the media and in the workplace. We have even passed laws to reflect this strong core value of diversity in our society.

And as we move on with our lives and out of the school system, living in the real world of working full time, having family obligations, making career choices and other major life decisions, it seems though, that in a deeper context diversity takes a back seat. What do I mean by this? We are taught it seems that by a certain age, you should be at a certain point in your life, gone through the proper schooling, settled down and married by this or that age, have children by this age, pay a mortgage to own a house eventually, work a full time job 9-5 everyday, etc… the list goes on and on with the expectations of us as being a members of modern society.

Now I am not saying any of these things should not be in your life plan, if that is what you want so be it and more power to you. It just seems though, that if you are a truly diverse person and do not adhere to the status quo, do not conform and live life according to your own terms you are looked at as almost an outsider, that something is possibly wrong with you. You can actually do all of the above things and yet do it on your own terms and in your own powerful way. It really boils down to your state of mind. man-galaxy

I say if you are not doing what most people are doing and yet you are growing as a person and doing the things you love in life, you are on the right path. You are probably a happier person as well because you are ‘doing your own thing’ so to speak and have let go of what you ‘are supposed to do’ according to the standards of society. I guarantee one thing, and that is if you are doing your own thing, you have also opened up the realm of possibility far beyond what most people think is even possible in this life.

The paradigm is shifting, what used to be relevant is not so much anymore. The past no longer has to define us. Human beings living in their own way, shedding the traditional rules of the societal matrix are paving the way for the rest of human kind demonstrating that this is the case.  At the end of the day, you have to look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself if you are happy with what you see and what you are doing. If not, make the necessary changes.

Be truly diverse, do what you want, do something that excites you, do the impossible. Know that you create your reality no matter what the state the world is in. We are all connected and thus we can affect others profoundly with how we live our own life and how we treat others. But it will always be up to you forever in what you believe is possible and how you choose to approach this experience.



At the Crossroads of Clarity

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For many of us we have been diligently working on change–separating the signal from the noise to discover our true Self, what makes us happy, what inspires us and to have more moments of pure clarity. Clarity is such a beautiful thing–it is often fleeting but you know when you have it. You have clear thought, you feel light and you feel good about where you are and what you are doing.

As you worked through the year to understand yourself, find peace with your past and know it’s OK where you are right now, and launched new or refined intentions–along the way you might have noticed an interesting phenomena–where you are not only more focused and in the moment, but the constant noise is lessening. And you may find yourself in this “in-between” place where the noise and disruption in your thoughts and life are shrinking and your mind is now finding its own rhythm.  It may feel like when the noise stops there is no inner music to take its place. clear night moon

This can be a strange place to be. You may struggle as you work through some lingering expectation that you have to be thinking or doing something all the time; that if you are not mindfully busy you are not making a difference. It can be challenging even frightening when you get to the point of turning down the volume of noise in this physical world of doing. It makes you question yourself and even ask if you reduced or eliminated too much.

When I think about this, I think we need to recognize that this too is part of the process of change, of discovery and growth–some may even say ascension. It’s getting yourself into a mind-set of separating the essentials of your core being from the non-essentials. It is a reaffirmation of the essentials of you that help keep focus in your mind, in your actions and in your soul.

This crossroads at noise and signal is part of the process of helping you filter your environment to improve the signal–signals of experience and knowledge and signals for grounded, genuine choices. When you embrace this, let the clarity in and linger, you focus on improving your quality of daily experience and you move from consuming, reacting, etc. to producing. In this state of increasing clarity, you can focus on your knowledge and its Universal source.

Enjoy this interesting place to be and create new music!