The Power of Temporary

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Temporary: lasting for only a limited period of time; not permanent.

Ghalib, the Urdu poet, in his verse says, “Raat din gardish mein hain saat asmaan, ho rahega kuch na kuch ghabrayein kya.” – The seven heavens are active every day and night, something new will emerge, then why this anxiety?” Difficulties come and go, just like the day and night. This is a universal law that applies equally to every human being.

But we often lose sight of temporary when we feel like we are lost in the trenches or struggling through some difficult, confusing or frustrating times. It can feel as if there is no end in sight, tiresome and even overwhelming.  What we may think of as dark times or human difficulties are temporary. Every difficulty is bound to fade and disappear. Although it may not feel like it when in the midst of a challenging set of circumstances or situation, those challenges or situations are not permanent.

Further, what prolongs them is when you get so caught up in them that you are refueling them. In short, you put yourself in a vicious cycle with low vibrating emotions by being stuck in worry, resentment, anger, self-pity, etc. The thing that can magnify or worsen what you may be experiencing is that you lose your patience and forget the situation is temporary and not permanent. Leaves in wind

It is best to work at moving yourself away from being upset and to not overly dwell on the circumstances or situation. When you do so you are in a better position to keep your energy intact, and not to fall prey to frustration. Keeping a frame of mind that what you are experiencing is temporary greatly helps.

Think of it this way. Difficulty is a state of mind. It is in the mind where difficulties are created—and where they can be eliminated. Our minds and our thoughts are greater than the difficulties in which we find ourselves.

So when in difficult times, try to focus on your mind (thoughts) rather than on the difficulty itself. Putting yourself in a “gloom and doom” mindset and obsessing on when will the challenging time be over is a distraction—a distraction to your inner voice, to the resolve and strength you have and to the power of your own mind to provide rest and a place of calm and peace for yourself.

When you focus on your mind, you will find that the difficulty has disappeared first psychologically and them physically.  To help with this, think back to time in your life and recall the unexpected changes. You may note that they seemed scary and almost paralyzing at the time they happened, but they all shaped you who are and for the most part brought you to a better understanding of yourself and place. If you are experiencing a difficult and challenging time in your life, make note of this, and change your perspective to embrace the temporary.

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