Missing Pieces

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Instinct–a natural desire or tendency that makes you want to act in a particular way or a way of thinking and feeling that is not learned–overall is a good thing. Instincts whisper or sometimes shout to us what we should do, say or be. They tell us when something feels good or right. They also tell us when something does not feel so good or right, or when things feel off and that there are missing pieces. This missing pieces thing is hard.

I do think that listening–really listening–to your instincts is a good thing. It can save you a lot of contemplating, worrying and over thinking, and can be enlightening and directional. But when your instincts are telling you that something is not adding up or making sense you can feel confused or sad–and even feel uncertain and alone–and fairly quickly might I add. And it’s so difficult sometimes to let that just be especially when it hurts your heart.

You go on this emotional journey of trying to reconcile what you are feeling, examining your thoughts, actions and words. You take a deep dive into yourself to see what you might be able to do to find the answer or to find the pieces that are missing. But you just can’t. icepieces sunset

You can’t sometimes because it’s not just you. There are other things in motion–energies in play. There are times people may not provide the missing pieces or fill in the blanks since they are unsure, uncomfortable, or want to spare your feelings, etc. You can ask questions and replay conversations in your head, and you can even put the feelings on the shelf to rest them a bit, but when you come back to them the pieces are still missing and a sadness starts to set in. But this is a journey since through your instincts eventually things will become more clear.

Sometimes you can string together what you know or experienced and the missing pieces start to appear–dots are connected and you have clarity. Sometimes the Universe will give you more insight or hints or put someone or a set of circumstances in your path that deposits pieces of information, and slowly but surely those missing pieces start to appear.

True, they may not always make you feel that great and a sadness or disappointment can linger a bit, but with the missing pieces in hand your ability to make choices is unblocked. You can move to working toward reconciling your feelings and accepting the current circumstances and you can hopefully find some peace and calm.

The Power of Self Validation

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“Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your inner voice”

~ Steve Jobs

Somewhere along our life journey we find ourselves seeking validation outside of ourselves. It starts early in our lives and continues into adulthood where we go through life trying to be liked and accepted, fearing criticism, yearning adulation and craving validation. We seek approval or recognition of others so we are accepted, liked, loved, included, sought after, popular, etc. We seek validation from friends, family, bosses, teachers and even strangers.

This can be a dangerous development since along the way this need for validation or approval kills freedom and engulfs us in a form of mental slavery. In this state of seeking and living in the validation of ourselves by others we can find ourselves making choices and decisions to avoid criticism or disapproval, rather than what is most valuable or important to us.

More so, approval or validation from others can get to be addictive and before you know it you are constantly seeking or need more. In this state you are putting a higher value of the beliefs, opinions and needs of others before your own. You lose yourself and you sacrifice your dreams, desires and aspirations in order to have the approval of others. Think how paralyzing this is. The consequences are serious. You can start to have low personal fulfillment and a lack of achievement. You may have self doubt impacting your confidence and esteem. You can have an internal battle brewing that creates stress which can lead to a lack of focus and feed health issues.

And for many, they don’t even recognize it since this validation cycle becomes part of everyday life and justifiable so that we feel that we fit in or are accepted.  Society, in this current physical dimension of duality, created judgement and comparison that got internalized by many. Some of us get so preoccupied with being accepted that we lose sight of our uniqueness, our gifts and who we are. alone on deck

We are all entitled to our own thoughts, beliefs and opinions. Because you think differently to someone else or do something differently does not mean one is right or wrong or that one is better or worse. It is important to respect the right of others to have their own beliefs and opinions but to do so you must first respect and appreciate your right to your opinions and beliefs.

You must nurture your ability to think for yourself and know yourself. You must let go of the need for approval and build self-acceptance. Another way of looking at it is as self-validation and honing the ability to be able to distinguish if you are living by other’s beliefs or values instead of your own.

To start your journey to self-validation ask yourself why are other people’s opinions of you are so important to you and why do you need or seek validation of others.

Know and internalize that acceptance and love first starts with you by you and not the outside world.

Affirm that you have the Universal right to be happy and a life that is lived in purpose and love—which again starts within you.

Check in with yourself on whether you are accepting and approving of yourself. It’s your life, your soul’s journey and it’s perfectly fine that it is different from others. After all it should be—we are all unique.

And remember you are here to live an authentic life and not to live to abide by someone else’s rules or to please others.

Take the first steps today to let go of validation by others—and simply validate yourself.

Taking Responsibility For Your Health

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When I speak with people on the topic of health the subject of ‘responsibility’ inevitably comes up. So I put some thought into why this might be, and a key point kept coming to mind. First, I noticed that most people that do not accept responsibility for their own health usually, and if this is the case are always blaming others and things outside of themselves for their ill bodily conditions.

Saying something like – ‘oh I always get sick this time of year, or that person made me sick’ is a perfect example of something I hear quite often. I believe that if you can change your lifestyle gradually to a healthier one, which includes having a healthier mindset, you don’t have to get sick every year if you really do not want to. Most of us mentally program ourselves to get sick and we don’t even realize we are doing it.

Another example is when we see a person sneezing and coughing, and our first thought is ‘uh oh, I hope I don’t catch what he has’, or we see ads on television that the so called ‘flu season’ is upon us and we think, ‘well I’ll probably catch the flu this year sooner or later’. Thinking in this way, like so many people do is disempowering to say the least. So in addition to acting healthier – exercising, eating healthier – eliminating junk food and fast food, we can be thinking healthier as well.  A good place to start is by taking responsibility for our health, whether we are sick or feeling great.

When was the last time you felt great and you said to yourself something along the lines of ‘gee I feel so good because of me, because of who I am and what I do.’ Well if you do say things like this to yourself then congratulations because most people do not give themselves enough credit for feeling good and doing their best to lead a healthier lifestyle. So what I am saying in effect is that it works both ways, you can create your own health circumstances in life or you can act as a victim and be a slave to them. shunan-bamboo-forest-02

Once we begin to actively and consciously take credit for the good, as well as the bad health circumstances we encounter in our lives, we will begin to notice that it’s up to us to how well we would like to feel and not so much on the outside world we once thought controls us. A great question to ask yourself everyday is: how did I bring this into my life? You examine your thought processes, correct your thinking and move on.

This is much more powerful than you may think, but of course prove it to yourself.

We can consciously choose to enhance our well-being and health through adding a healthy exercise regimen to our daily routine for example. This will give both your body and mind a boost and you can easily thank yourself and praise yourself for the high, glowing feeling you get after a great workout, whether it be with weights, calisthenics, yoga, pilates, martial arts, etc., you get my point.

Doing healthier activities compound over time and become cumulative. In the case that you do get sick even though you are taking supplements to enhance your immune system, exercising regularly and eating healthy… don’t beat yourself up. Accept that you allowed yourself to be sick and nothing else. Then make up your mind to get healthier and become better, faster than ever before. Don’t get negative, and you will see that over time you will stay healthier for longer and longer periods until you do not get sick anymore.

Yes it is possible to be healthy all year around, you just need to accept that it is possible.

I personally rarely, if ever get sick and I don’t remember the last time I went to see a doctor for that matter (besides my sports related injuries!). By accepting responsibility for my health and everything that happens to me in my life, I am able to stay healthy and feel great. Of course my daily activities, internal exercises, food and vitamin/supplement intake and mindset have everything to do with this.

Energy is Energy

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“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
― Nikola Tesla


There is no such thing as negative energy. Energy is energy. I know that this may seem like quite an odd statement, especially when we hear about and experience the power of attracting positive results towards our intentions with positive thoughts and actions, etc.  The “positive energy attracts positive energy or results” paradigm, and therefore its corresponding paradigm of negative energy attracting negative energy or results becomes a predominant mindset in how we function and view our interactions. I would like to explore this—negative energy does not exist—a bit with you in this post from a few perspectives.

In our physical world and living in the dimension of duality—right wrong, up down, left right, black white and positive negative—we often function in an unconscious state and in this state we attempt to rationalize or understand what we are feeling or reacting to that may not “feel good” from a position of duality or positive vs negative energy.  However, this is what we label it when we do not like what we are feeling or experiencing and we project that onto others or as a way to rationalize our circumstances.

In reality we are projecting some things about ourselves that we do not like and that we need to work through and change. Being self-aware and understanding and believing that negative energy does not exist is a major step forward. This can take time since we are somewhat hard-wired to think in contrast and opposition, as well as in judgment. It is important to be cognizant of this duality and not let it over-power your thinking.

When you start to be more self-aware you will also become more sensitive to energy around you. Sometimes you may feel uncomfortable with the energy you are sensing, and in your mindset of duality you may describe it or even “feel” it as “negative” energy. And when you feel or think this way—you may react this way as well. You want to take action to block it or avoid it. There is no such thing as negative energy, just energy that does not assist you in achieving your highest good. Remember, energy is energy and everything is energy. red canyon sun

There should be no labeling or judgment of it, for when you define it and react from this place, you lose sight of your power to create your world and work toward your intentions. Know that no one can do anything to you. You create everything that happens to you—everything in your life.  If you are discontent with something in your life this does not mean you are bad, wrong or broken. It means there is opportunity to grow. All the energy you need to change or evolve resides within you.

It is also important to note that what you are actually experiencing is the overall rising energy of the Universe. As the energy rises and gets faster, thoughts, ideas and beliefs that contradict this are going to become more apparent. We are in a time now where the vibration of the Universe is rapidly rising and the frequency of the individual is speeding up as well, many will be challenged with understanding or reconciling the change in these vibrations.

Many may feel uncomfortable or confused, and believe that what they are feeling is negative, they will try to hold onto old beliefs. But this discomfort and confusion can be viewed as part of the ascension or change process. This is when we become so uncomfortable that we know we need to break from these old beliefs and look toward something new or different. It is time to adopt a new paradigm or belief. Let go of panic and fear and observe what is true. It takes courage and conviction to take this step, but do not let the voice of self-doubt enter, knowing that energy is energy and its energy that fuels you.

This said, it is also a time, with the frequencies getting higher and faster, that everything is speeding up. So we must be aware that the time between thought and manifestation is getting shorter. If we are self-aware we will see the correlation between our force (energy) and what is in our realities (our lives). More than ever it’s important to be careful and take responsibility for what we put our focus on.

Hopefully you have gained more perspective into energy and its impact on you, and walk away with thoughts regarding paying attention to your focus and to embrace ALL energy.