Bring to Life Your Warrior Self

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For the vast majority, we go about our days going through the motions–mindlessly following routines, falling into uninspiring patterns and using the “if only” mantra–if only I had a different job, if only I had more money, if only I had someone who loves me—if only FILL IN THE BLANK. Unknowingly, we over time harbor and act out negative thoughts, complain and conform, and these actions and thoughts fill our days.

Life can be difficult and demanding, and there will always be challenges, twist and turns in our journeys. But if we really choose to advance or change our lives–to get out of patterns of worry, fear and frustration–we need to stop the “if only” mantra and need to bring to life the warrior inside ourselves.

We need to have our warrior selves focus on three simple principles: having goals, thinking positively and using our imaginations. And we need to put into action, every day, these principles–so they become our new habits, our new way of thinking, our belief system–and our lives will change.

As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, ” a man is what he thinks about all day long.” If you are thinking “what if’s” and complaining about things, people and circumstances, you become negative and draw in the things you are complaining about, and become what you are complaining about. Change the mantra to a positive belief.

To do this, you need to set a goal–a goal of what you choose to become, who you choose to be, what life you choose to have–and vision it. You need to live and act as if you have what you choose and not let in any negative thoughts. You need to not fall into the trap of commiserating with others or complaining and blaming others. Negative thoughts and energy attract more negativity and unhealthy energy to you.

With your goals in hand–actually write them down and look at them every single day–coupled with a personal mantra and positive thought, now put into play your imagination. Put into action the positive thoughts with positive actions. This can be giving of yourself, helping others, being kind, etc. This can be taking steps–and they can be baby steps for sure–toward your personal vision. Do something everyday–letting your imagination soar–that moves your forward to your vision.

The warrior self will guide your mind, it will help you walk in faith and enrich your life by enriching the lives of others. Start today–envision your worthy ideal, write down your goal, create your mantra and invoke your imagination through action.