How to Stay Consistent With Your Fitness Program

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There are a lot of different types of work out regimens out there from your typical weight training with sets and reps on different body parts at your local gym, to calisthenics, to running, taking a pilates class or a yoga class.

So for a lot of people it’s no wonder they feel overwhelmed by all the options available & either don’t stick with anything for a long period of time or just shelf working out altogether. Especially considering the average person juggles working a full 8 hour day (at least), a social life & putting food on the table for their family.

Measure Your Results the Right Way

The way I see it, there is no one formula for everyone that will put you in great physical shape while holding your interest. Everyone is different and starts from a different fitness level and body constitution. One thing I have noticed that most people do have in common that keeps them coming back for more is when they see results! But there are many ways to measure results, unfortunately most people in my opinion measure it the wrong way and that is purely by the Scale.

What I think is a much better way to judge whether you are on the right path to getting into better shape is how you feel. Do you have more energy? Do you look forward to working out (in whatever program you are doing) or do you dread it or are indifferent towards it?

If it’s too difficult most people will just stop altogether and let’s face it most people’s motivations fade quickly once their initial foray into a new program subsides.

How to Stay Motivated

So what is one to do? We are social creatures by nature and also very competitive as well. If you are not motivated to work out alone with no one pushing you, you can do one of two things. Get a knowledgeable personal trainer at your local gym that you feel a good connection with or take some type of fitness class with a friend.

There are all kinds of fitness programs and classes available these day whether it’s at your local gym, yoga studios or martial arts studios. I now see Pilates & Zumba classes available at the local VFW & Nights of Columbus in my town. So called ‘Core Fitness’ classes such as CrossFit are becoming more and more popular.

I will talk more about these types of fitness programs (which I love by the way) because they will get you in amazing shape if you stick with it. I will warn you that you should be in some type of decent shape before taking one of these because they really push you to your physical limits.

I love circuit training especially because it forces you to move quickly and get through the exercises because others are waiting on you and you push each other. There are ‘boot-camp’ classes as they call them now at gyms and independent studios that are basically circuit training classes extended over a period of weeks.

 Enjoy the Journey

I would suggest trying some different types of workout programs to see what you like and makes you excited to go back. Don’t become too overly obsessed with reaching some particular outcome like a desired weight for example… learn to enjoy the journey.

This is the key, if it’s an effective fitness program just stick with it and the weight and physical fitness level you are looking to attain will come in time.