Messages from the Universe

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It’s quite easy to get stuck in your thoughts. You start out with the best intentions–to stay focused, stay positive and to let things roll, or more so, to let it go.  But sometimes you will find yourself stuck in your own head trying to navigate out of it. You go to sleep at night with your mind running a marathon of  thoughts, maybe you wake up many times over the night in the midst of odd dreams and those thoughts you went to sleep with are still running over and over. And you wake up and within seconds your mind is in overdrive and/or you just feel heavy and tired. This is an exhausting cycle, and you know you need to get out of it.

One way to look at it is that you need to experience what you are experiencing, and process it. Yes, I know–this is where you get caught up in your mind. It can be a challenge when the “flood gates” of all thoughts are opened–where your mind is jumping from one disparate thought to another or is having quite the journey through worry, sadness, fear, loneliness, etc., related to one or many circumstances or persons and trying to connect them all. After a few days of this, you find that you can’t distinguish anything anymore. It all just blends.

I learned a long time ago that this is when you need to pay attention to the message the Universe is sending you. You need a hard stop and to reset.

Remember, it’s not the external forces or factors at play that are putting you in this place or mindset. It’s how you are reacting or responding to them. We pretty much all instinctively know this.  But our minds get lost in overtime really fast and we lose sight of this knowing. We are just hard-wired this way. But you can spin out of these cycles quicker and with beneficial outcomes–as in learning more about yourself and knowing that you do have the power and the strength to get out of your head. Here are a few reminders when you find yourself on the merry-go-round of your mind.

Stop looking for answers from the Universe. Yes, they are everywhere, but seeking answers and looking for signs is probably not the best way to go. Being open, listening and feeling the answers is what you need to do. When you actively look for the message, you can set yourself up for being misled, overwhelmed or even confused. And this has the affect of getting caught up in your thoughts again. In short, when we seek signs we are letting our minds do the work. light wave

Release the question or challenge to the Universe clearly as possible and allow yourself to be open and receptive to the answers. Here you will find clarity and Universal guidance that lives within you. So ask the question. Breath deeply and release it.

Once released, stop thinking about it and be in the present. Really try to stop your thoughts or problem from dominating your every moment. Do what you do and be where you are. Don’t overthink. Don’t get into your head to try to figure it out. The answers will come. After all, they are always within you. Just remember to be open.

If you have to think or consider if something is the sign, most likely it is not. You may be forcing it.

If you, however, have a physical or intuitive reaction (that in your gut or heart feeling or it makes you feel even if for a split second that it’s a true sense of truth), you will have your answers. This is knowing. And this knowing comes from you–when it feels right, when it makes you feel lighter or when you feel in “the zone.”

Yes, when your mind is in overdrive, it can be a challenge to hit the reset button. But you can and you will. Be in the present in your life and in-tune with your body. This intuition lives in you. This intuition will direct you in the direction you are meant to go.

The Key to Staying Positive

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There is a lot of talk of ‘being positive’ and ‘thinking positive’ when it comes to self-development and taking better control of your life, and really for good reason. Ultimately, if you subscribe to the mindset that you create your reality as I do, then being a positive person and thinking positively is the way to go if you are choosing to live a more happy and evolved life. Now this does not mean that if you are always positive, negative things will not happen to you… I mean this is life! But, the key to being a truly positive person is that when negative situations do arise, it’s how you handle yourself and your reaction to the situation that matters most.

So staying positive is a choice, a decision, just like anything else in life. Your emotions are just trained responses that you have gotten used to over the course of your life. Contrary to popular belief, you do have control over your emotions and thoughts if you choose. Really though, the trickiest part to having an optimistic and positive mindset is in the beginning, when you are just starting to walk this higher level path, when you are just starting to grasp how and if this is really possible. When you find yourself mostly negative and angry more often than you would like to be and when things seem to be going wrong in your life how can you possibly be positive? Do you have to fool yourself?… fake it till you make it as they say?

Not really, it mostly comes down to your perspective… and having proper perspective is gained through awareness and detachment. Here is what I mean, look at the big picture when you find yourself in a bad situation, it’s usually not as bad as you make it out to be and not the end of the world. In most instances, we are on auto-pilot and have been taught to react negatively because really, it’s what most other people do and that is what we have mostly seen our entire lives. Our society and culture is more negative and fear-based than positive and this is reflected on tv, in the news, media, staged world events etc.  Why this is the case is another matter that I won’t get into here, but this has all influenced and programmed us over time. sun glow

But again, awareness is key. Take a step back, take a deep breath, don’t just react. Make your reaction a conscious decision, take yourself off auto-pilot. Detach yourself from what everyone else is doing and how they react. Watch your thoughts closely but don’t identify with them. Most people are controlled by their emotions and thoughts and are not in control of them. So it’s natural to see how our society thinks it is normal to react negatively to negative situations and people… garbage in and garbage out. But if you want to live a more positive existence you have to think and act differently than most people do. You have to take a different path, a higher path.

Also, if you are into doing positive affirmations, mantras, etc. or consciously taking time out throughout your day to focus on and tell yourself the positive thoughts and events you would like to see and create in your life, but you are still not seeing your mindset and life change for the positive, then it’s the time in-between that you are not being aware of.

What is the time in-between? The in-between is when you are going about your day doing tasks, chores, work etc., beyond your conscious effort to think positively and thoughts just come and go automatically which you are not really aware of. In most cases, although you think you are a positive person and are making a conscious effort to be so, you are still not aware of how unconsciously negative you really are.

It is important to know that this process is natural, so that you become even more aware of your every unconsious thought that comes in throughout the day. When you notice the thoughts that are negative, the next step is to be detached from them and don’t beat yourself up about it. Understand that this is just your mind on auto-pilot. It will take some time to retrain and reprogram your mind (I highly recommend doing some form of meditation daily to help increase your awareness and speed up this process).

Finally, turn the thought(s) around and re-frame it into its positive opposite that you would like to see and repeat it in that way at least three times. Eventually over time, this process will become a habit and you will find yourself in a more positive state of mind reaping more positive results. So in a nutshell, the key to staying positive is a simple three step process: awareness—>detachment—>reframe thoughts to positive.

When negative thoughts and situations come into your life, it’s the perfect opportunity for you to take the high road and evolve even faster as a better more positive person. Again, it’s how you perceive things that makes all the difference and what you make of it. Keep in mind also that this is a journey so again, don’t be too hard on yourself, enjoy the ride and the progress you make.



Energy Exchange

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“When Your Energy vibrates at a frequency that is in direct alignment with what the universe has been attempting to deliver your entire life, you begin to live in the flow and true miracles start to happen.”
~Panache Desai


This week I want to focus on energy. Over the past year I have written about energy, I have touched upon energy on an individual level, including that we as humans are energy and that we embody and are a source of energy. I have touched upon management of one’s energy. I have also touched upon energy on a universal level, sharing with you aspects of collective energy and the benefits of tapping into positive waves of energy and good intentions.

And I have shared a fundamental Universal truth about energy exchange that we attract the energy that we are sending out. This is commonly interpreted as positive energies attract positive energies and negative energies attract negative energies. But there is a deepness to the topic of energy and energy exchange that I would like to explore with you.

Energy exists all around us. Every aspect of our world is made up of energy in varying degrees of vibration. From the Divine energy that created our souls to judgmental or manipulative energy, the energy that surrounds us and is within us is constantly moving, redefining and evolving us.

Energy is the substance that makes up life and it comes from within each of us. In every interaction we are experiencing an energy exchange. This energy exchange can be so subtle that most times we are not aware of it. Other times we may feel it physically, for instance in the form of feeling exhausted post a confrontation or a thrilling experience. And most of us know that if we dwell in a state of emotion or energy of fear, sadness, worry, etc., that we seem to attract or perpetuate this in our lives. We feel in a funk or notice that our preponderance to worry about certain things tends to create a series of events that are manifestations of that worry. If we function in a state of emotion or energy of positivity, hope, or calm, we attract more of the positive outcomes associated with this energy. space-stars

We, however, live in a physical world or dimension where we are ascending to our true Selves and reconciling our physical beings with our souls, and people of the world are at different states in this process. Sometimes this creates a competition for energy, as we try to find or fulfill a physical or emotional void when we forget that we have an unlimited energy source within ourselves and where we look to others to fill that void.

Even when a person is loving towards another, he or she can feel drained of energy, as he or she may be giving so much to the other. They think love comes from another when it actually comes from within–from within themselves as a divine source of energy. Energy flows through us and is not from a limited source that can be depleted. If we think of love as a form of energy, we should not fear its loss, as there will always be an abundance of it within us and around us.

Our energies fluctuate within ourselves and between others based on our interactions, intentions, state of mind, and circumstances. It takes focus, reflection and some effort to be grounded, to be in-tune with or understand why we are feeling certain ways, to bring ourselves back to center and to be energetically refueled.

Daily interactions with people and the energy exchanges that go hand-in-hand with this provides us with growth. We need to recognize that an energy exchange is happening and be cautious not to surrender our energy to those who are trying to manipulate it for their own purpose. Now is the time to recognize the situation for what it is and have compassion. Through compassion and understanding we overcome manipulation.

In the daily exchange of energy, sometimes we are victims, sometimes problem solvers and rescuers, sometimes manipulators and sometimes the manipulated. Throughout life we have a role in this energy exchange. To not get caught up in energy competition or struggle, we need to release the need to control or have power over others. It is best to observe what comes to us without reacting, to have trust in the Universe and that what is happening is for our highest good. This is when we use our free will to act, versus re-act. This is when we will be able to tap into the power of knowing all things.

Now is the time to take ownership of the energy that you put out in the world.

Questions and Answers

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Welcome to 2016!

One of my favorite quotes is from the book “Their Eyes Were Watching God” (by Zora Neale Hurston) is  “There are years that ask questions and years that answer them.”

It’s a quote that makes you contemplate the year just passed and the year standing in front of you–as you take the first steps into 2016.

I don’t think it’s one or the other. There are questions and answers for each of us every year and every day. But I do think we have years in our lives when life seems more challenging, complicated or even disruptive. There are people or events put on our paths that have us question ourselves and what is happening in our lives, and sometimes it may seem like we don’t really have the answers. These are times of reflection–the years or seasons of our lives that ask questions. But the reflection through the questioning leads to awakening–and answers.

For some of us, those first steps into a new year may be routine. For the most part, they are the same steps we took yesterday and the day before and the day before that. We like the order, the comfort and knowing what to do and when to do it, etc. But there is a part of us that also knows that each day, week, month or year can drop a surprise or two that are unplanned or unforeseen, and may be unpleasant.

And there are reminders of this all around us — the simple dropping of a glass as it hits the floor and shatters into hundreds and hundreds of pieces, the spilling of a cup of coffee, the burst of a water pipe, etc., or hearing a tragic story or event. They are reminders that stuff happens and this stuff can happen to us. This makes us think about what these events or situations may be for us and if we will be ready, which leads me to why I used to dread New Years. trees-snow

I would have preferred to shut the lights off and get under the covers until the sun came back up the next day, and just continue about my day and life. The older I got and with much reflection I realized it was the unknown that bothered me. I thought, hey, I survived the year. Yes, there were some bumps along the way but now there is a whole new year in front of me and it seems a bit scary.  I would get into this incredible cleaning mode–just ridding myself of old stuff out of closets, under beds, everywhere. I got myself into a ‘fresh start” mind set. It was sort of physical manifestation of letting go, cleaning out and clearing for a new path.

But sometimes it felt like I was getting ready or prepared for the unexpected, to make sure that everything would be in order “just in case.” Somehow, maybe this process of cleaning, organizing and clearing would prevent the unexpected from happening or had me thinking I am or would be in control. However, that “unknown” always hung out there along with the instinctual knowing that control is an illusion and that change is a constant.  Maybe subconsciously I was looking for answers to questions that didn’t even exist yet.

But as I matured and got to know myself a bit better, I realized that I have the answers. Life is a wonderful journey and through all its ups, downs and sideways we learn and we grow–and if we are really paying attention and listening to our inner voice, we honor all these experiences and emotions. We know that we are living our life as we intended. And if we don’t like what we are experiencing or feeling we have each new day to make change, to reset intention and be present.

Admittedly New Year’s Eve and Day (maybe week) is not the easiest time for me, but I have learned to embrace the unknown a bit more, to let go of fear and take that leap into the New Year with faith and trust that I am strong, resilient and empowered. So a year of questions or a year of answers? I say cheers to both!