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“Everyone and everything that shows up in our life is a reflection of something that is happening inside us.”
– Alan Cohen

This past month we focused on change. I talked about how to establish a positive mindset around change and that change needs to be embraced as a constant and as a healthy and meaningful part of life. You can ride the energy of good will and intention to help fuel change, while accepting the ebb and flow of change. It is best to put your journey of change in a flexible framework that works for you. Change is a process and change starts within you.

And within you and so integral to what makes you, well, you, are your emotions. Change and its process–even when working in a gentle framework–will trigger many emotions. Sometimes we work so hard to cling onto the rational and the factual. We fight our emotions, and sometimes suppress or hide them. The range of emotions and their intensity and impact are natural. It is best to flow with the emotions you are feeling.

A mindset shift to one that acknowledges emotions as beautiful and natural needs to be part of the change process. All emotions — joy, sorrow, happiness, calm, peace, fear, anger, hurt, etc.– are part of the process of change, especially in ongoing self discovery. And it is so important to truly pay attention to them in real time and not put them is a “place” where you will deal with them later or ignore them. The circle of emotions is something that we can’t short-circuit, rush or avoid. Emotions need to flow, and they will ebb and flow like the ocean waves through your change process.

As you go through your process of change remember that the emotions you are feeling are expected and normal. Your emotions, especially when you have a concerted effort for change, may seem more intense and raw. This is OK. It means that you are getting in-tune with your emotions and noting how they impact you and those around you. This helps you work through the process of change and leads you to self discovery.

With this, it is so important and meaningful to reflect on your emotions and to help yourself understand what is at the source of them. This should be integrated into your framework for change. It is important to take time to feel what your are feeling, and to reflect on these feelings. It is also important–admittedly not always easy–to let go of negativity that may surround your emotions.

Reflection will help you softly move through your change process. Through reflection you will have sometimes small and at times profound discoveries about yourself. These self discoveries are the building blocks of your change. So–take time everyday to quietly reflect on your emotions and embrace them as catalysts for change the comes from within you.

Personal Framework for Change

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As January and a new year rolled in, we have been focused on the theme of change–embracing change, understanding and accepting that change comes from within, and the gift of riding the wave of positive intentions and good will as a new year starts to fuel your change. Now that we are a few weeks into the year, and most of us have gone back to our daily routines–that momentum of change can be difficult to keep.

There are deadlines, commitments, and what feels like the growing and endless list of “to-dos.” We try to work into our daily lives the change we want to make, and sometimes we get distracted, delayed, etc. And we think that having a plan for change will help. But for many this becomes yet another “to-do”. So, we must not think of change as a “to do” or put it on a list.

Change is a process and does come from within. And as we noted in the post on “Embracing Your Inner Warrior of Change,” we do need to re-orient our thinking so that we value and embrace change. But also always remember that change is a process that needs time and can’t be rushed. Just like the waves of the ocean there are ebbs and flows and other forces (like lunar phases and weather systems that impact the intensity, size and force of those waves) that impact the waves of your change.


At Warrior Rx we find a positive way to embrace and pursue personal change is not to do so in the paradigm of a plan. Plans mean milestones, deadlines, dates, etc. And when you don’t meet those it can feel like you have failed, can’t seem to get things going in the “right direction, and become disappointed in yourself–or worse lose your drive for change.

The journey of change should be done in the mindset of a framework. There are many definitions of frameworks, and the two we like are: “a set of assumptions, concepts, values, and practices that constitutes a view in reality” and “a structure supporting or containing something”. So think of the “something” as you–your likes, dislikes; your personality; what inspires you; what motivates you; your skills; how you function–e.g., night owl or morning lark, etc. And think of the set of assumptions, concepts, values and practices as your intentions and ideas; your purpose for change; and things you can and will do in your process of change–that take your reality into consideration.

Frameworks are more like guides. They are flexible and not prescribed. They are gentle and kind–and forgiving. Imagine your personal framework as the frame of a house when it’s being built. It will hold you and the many pieces of your life. Imagine how the rooms will be filled. Frameworks let you use your imagination and yet think and act within a reasonable, but yet open and fluid, structure. Let your personal framework for change reflect and embrace you.

Put your journey of change in the mindset of a framework–not a plan. Let your framework serve as your roadmap, with very first steps of and keeping conscious always self-inquiry and self-exploration. Let your personal framework support and comfort you, while giving you the freedom to go down new or different paths, float in and out of rooms, and to see the rooms differently; to adjust and find peace and acceptance when you adjust. After all, as you journey through your change, new discoveries, insights, opportunities and even challenges will happen. These will evolve you, give you the gift of looking out of different windows, and sometimes and point you in new directions.


Ride the Wave

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“You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment.”
– Henry David Thoreau


This is the time of year–the beginning of a new year–that many of us make resolutions and put out to the universe that we are going to change. Change our health habits, change our routines, change ourselves–make change so we become improved versions of our current selves and lead more meaningful lives.

It’s hard to not only make these resolutions and embrace them, but harder to keep them alive. Some of us reject the New Year’s resolution thing all together–be it from a place of fear or thinking it’s a silly tradition and not wanting to be take part in a collective of commitments that fade over time.

But there is something to be said about this time of the year. When literally billions of people one by one are creating a form of tremendous positive energy with their resolutions–and a wave of good will and good intention. This collective of positive energy is like a movement of a higher dimensional frequency, clearing paths and amplifying intentions.

It’s like riding the wave–where as the wave builds it picks up more and more energy. This energy can fuel your intentions and help move them forward and help move you into a positive state of change–which as we noted in our last post starts from within. This state of universal positive energy is a magnificent gift and should be accepted and used wisely as you make your commitments, express your intentions and start your journey of change.

Some of you reading this may say what happens when the wave crests and starts to lose its energy. In this regard, think about it in terms of the ocean. Ocean waves come rolling into the beach bringing in a flow of water and energy and when they hit the beach and rescind carry away debris. And sometimes they leave beautiful shells and sea glass. The sea shore in a way represents constant change and renewal–a wave of change and renewal.

Let the energy wave ignited by all the billions of intentions for change carry you forward and fuel you and keep with you the belief that as waves in our daily lives ebb, new waves keep rolling in behind. Let that process continue to gently move you forward.

So as the Henry David Thoreau quote says, launch yourself on every wave. Be it the wave of collective energy being put out to the universe for all of us to embrace and ride or the waves of life that help move us forward, clearing out debris and providing us gifts of discovery about ourselves that help us see the beauty in ourselves and make meaningful change.

Embracing Your Inner Warrior of Change

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As we stand at the beginning of a new year there is one thing to remember and to embrace — that change is constant. Or another way of looking at it is that the only constant in life is change. All life is movement, flow and change. Think about it. Seasons change, our bodies change and even the circumstances we encounter each day change. Our relationships change, work situations change, our beliefs change, our values change.

So much changes in our lives and we may not always realize it. It seems to just happen, but it was our choices, our beliefs or how we reacted to a force that caused change. There are also times that change happens from circumstances out of our control and we don’t like it, or we fear it. And there are times—like the beginning of a new year—where we consciously want to make change: lose weight, eat healthy, be more in the moment, help others, find a new job or find that something that makes us happy and impactful.

It is important that we re-orient our thinking so that we value change, and more importantly embrace it as a healthy and meaningful part of life, and to be conscious of change and how beautiful it is. It is through change that new opportunities present themselves. Change opens the door for us to be creative. It provides the stage for new roles. It pushes us to try new things and meet new people. It encourages us to learn new skills. It allows us to evolve our beliefs and to grow. It is a positive force in our lives.

It is also important to be harmonious with change and to mindfully participate in the flow or process of change. When circumstances present themselves that are not within our control, when set backs happen or obstacles are put in our path, we need to recognize and accept—and know—that we will learn and grow from these experiences.

Since change is a constant, know that there will always be fluctuations in life and we should not fear them. Through the experience of change, we find out something new about ourselves. We discover an inner strength. We reaffirm a belief or value or change a belief or value. Paramount is being conscious of and fully engaged in the process, and to let the emotions happen. It is essential to have an open heart and open mind, and to remain positive. When change is within our control, also recognize that this is a process and we also need to have an open heart and mind, and to be kind to ourselves and others as we go through the journey.

As we approach change, as we embrace it and as we live through change, it is important to look at change as a refining process that comes from within. It starts on the inside and works its way out. Regardless if your process of change is at the hands of a sudden or unexpected turn of events or a goal set by you, how and why you change comes from within you. It is a constant state of conscious self-discovery and choice, of healing, of forgiving and learning to love yourself. The way you think and what you believe turns into the life you build, and that starts with you.