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As we get ready to step into 2017–with many of us making resolutions and commitments as our first foot forward into the new year—it is a good time to reflect and to better understand our emotions, and to release the low vibrating ones so that we don’t recycle them in 2017 and beyond.

The past cannot be undone, but you can change how you think and feel about it and react to it. The future will be, but spending your energy being there before it happens (possibly with worry, consternation, anxiety, etc.) stagnates you and you can easily lose sight of where you are. As you start 2017, restore your spirit by releasing the low vibration emotions of envy, jealously, anger, fear, contempt, hate, shame, blame and sadness (among others) and work at being in the moment without the baggage of the past and the “stocking-up of supplies” for the future.

Low vibrating emotions essentially accumulate over the course of our lives, and we tend to store them, and in a strange way they become familiar and almost comfortable. We essentially train ourselves to rely on them (as a crutch or excuse) and dwell in them, even seeking out others who feel the same way (we all know that expression of “misery loves company”). This double-downs on the low vibrating emotions, further suppressing their release since we then keep depositing more into a storage bank that soon becomes full and overwhelming.

Your unique soul will let you know what emotions and feelings need to be or are ready for release. Know that some may require more time to release than others since they may be very deeply ingrained in you or you may need to work through a few cycles of release as your soul may need to experience them to come to reconciliation and peace so they can ultimately be released.  winter-creek

The release of low vibrating energies (through low vibrating emotions) is a process. You cannot emancipate yourself from low vibrating emotions unless you are willing to be conscious of the things, people or patterns that trigger them, and you should be willing to lean into them and relax so the suppressed low vibrating energies can flow out.

Over your life—from your experiences and behaviors—you have conditioned yourself towards a certain way of thinking and feeling, (for many) enabling a pattern and habit of coming to low vibrating perceptions and conclusions before higher vibrating perceptions and conclusions. This leads you to be more likely to feel emotions of anxiety, nervousness, restlessness, etc., which are inherently low vibrating.

You can only release low vibrating (some might say negative) energy and emotions by allowing it versus resisting it.  The old adage of what you resist will persist holds true. Many people think they can free themselves of low vibrating emotions by ignoring or suppressing them—and somehow over time they will be forgotten and go away. But they don’t.

This suppression accumulates and lingers which will trigger the same or similar emotions in the future.  Holding onto these emotions and energies interferes with a more harmonious flow of energy, and can cause blockages to your body, mind and spiritual growth.  When you start to feel the low vibrating emotions, make a conscious effort to relax. You can do this through deep breathing, meditation and being mindful.

Consciously feel the energy created by the emotion in your body.  Let go of the energy by not resisting it, but by letting it flow. The more you practice surrendering to the emotion and to the flow and the process, you will more quickly move through emotions and be able to release them. Think of it this way, the suppressed emotions want to leave, and if you calm your mind and relax your body, they can rise up and be released.

As you take the first gentle steps into 2017, listen to your body and soul, relax and let go. And fill the new spaces formed with higher-vibrating energies and emotions. Wishing all a healthy and happy New Year!

Walking The Razor’s Edge

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The balance between where we want to be and where we are can be a tenuous one. On the path of self-discovery and personal evolution it seems the one constant that always comes up again and again is to be present, to be in the moment, to just ‘be’. But what about the future?… What about our expectations?… Do not expecations just lead to disappointments when not fulfilled? Should we even have them?

At least I know now for sure not to dwell in the past, but only to look back to learn and grow from it. As for going forward, the balancing act seems to be more complex. The human mind will naturally dwell, ponder and eventually over-analyze if left unchecked it seems.. a bumper to bumper traffic of thoughts. But is this really our natural state? Why do we have to train or ‘re-train’ our minds to get back to our natural state?

Many questions come to mind, when it comes to the mind. But these examinations are crucial if we are to evolve as quickly as possible. The human mind is a large piece of the puzzle. Many traditional and esoteric schools of wisdom start and end here… but the end is really nothing tangible that can be explained in words really. Hence we need to trust ourselves and our intuition, and not necessarily what is the popularly held consensus or belief or what someone else has told us. tree-sun-reflection-2

So one thing we can keep doing is always question, question our place in the world, question our belief system, question so called ‘authority’… questions are healthy. We may not always get an answer, or the answer(s) we think we seek, but questioning reality can lead us to new perspectives and places we might have not otherwise reached. The more open minded you can be, the more open you can be to new ideas, thoughts and perspectives, the more you can empower yourself and free yourself to be more fluid.

A good way to look at things as well, is like being a ship at sea, of course you should know where you are going but at the same time be fluid enough to change course on a moments notice if need be; Back to the Mind. New perspectives or flashes of insight and wisdom rarely come when actively seeking them or when the mind is ‘full’, especially with pre-existing notions and endless thoughts.

Meditation of course naturally slows down the mind and thought, thus opening up space to allow new insight and perspective in. It is a tool most seekers of knowledge engage in, in one way or another. Looking for the space in between your thoughts, is a process you can engage in almost anywhere, whether you are sitting alone in quietude or in the midst of your day as you go about doing your business. This is one of the best ways to gradually become more mindful and control your thoughts.

This ‘space’ gradually opens up, and becomes wider and wider, seperating the traffic of thoughts. This leads to pure objective observation, or being the ‘watcher’ as it is sometimes called. In this state, we can much more easily be un-attached… unattached to people and things around us and of course unattached to ourselves, which can lead to a different quality of consciousness.

Freedom at the end of the day is state of mind (or no-mind : ).  So as we constantly probe and elevate our consciousness, the gap between where we are and where we would like to be can very quickly become as thin as a razor’s edge.

Outside Looking In

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“You are one thing only. You are a Divine Being. An all-powerful Creator. You are a Deity in jeans and a t-shirt, and within you dwells the infinite wisdom of the ages and the sacred creative force of All that is, will be and ever was.”
― Anthon St. MaartenDivine Living: The Essential Guide To Your True Destiny


As we evolve and experience personal ascension (which is an ongoing event) we can sometimes feel like we moved to a place where we are on the outside looking in. As we let go of the past and move forward on new paths, as we begin to vibrate at higher frequencies and gain clarity about ourselves and the world around us it can sometimes feel like we do not fit in and the places we are in seem familiar but strange at the same time.

We may feel that others do not understand us and frustrated that we find it difficult to find a place where we can make a difference, impart knowledge and be a change agent—because still (although it is changing) the majority of those on this planet earth have not yet ascended. We may not have tolerance for noise and distraction, and we may be increasingly ultra-sensitive to what seems like chaos and disruption. The latter can be viewed as happening because many are having their “distortions” (low vibrating emotions, thoughts, beliefs, etc.) rising to the surface and being released.

This process can cause irritation, frustration, anger, confusion and emotional instability. We who are ascending rapidly are experiencing a purification while we still live in a 3rd dimension of duality and along side others who have not ascended or are still early in their ascension.  foggy-mountains

One can say that the old us is fading away, and as our old us fades away there is now room for a tremendous download of information that greatly expands and enlightens us. Our roles are transcending to being of service or help to those who have not yet ascended. Part of this role includes balancing the energy of higher vibrations of our new selves with the lower vibrations of others.

But finding the place or the environment for this service can be daunting or sometimes feel challenging at best since we know we cannot go “back” into certain places and environments. We have made new commitments to our selves that we will not put ourselves in situations that have catapulted us forward and that have hastened our ascensions.

But at the same time we feel a want and even a need to engage in a place and time where we can contribute. It is as if our new found knowledge and vibration so wants to be shared, and the struggle enters when that place and time does not seem to exist. But it does.

It may feel like we may be putting ourselves back into an old paradigm or a paradigm (or institution) that is breaking, but the people in that paradigm need service. Sometimes even just being present with little physical or verbal engagement—where your vibration or energy is simply present—makes the difference.

And being in old, breaking or changing paradigms or places as an ascended individual can carve paths for new paradigms and places that assist you personally with the merger of your physical self with your spiritual self, to find others who have ascended and continue through gateways of ascension with others.

In The Middle

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“The world is not ready for some people when they show up, but that shouldn’t stop anyone.”

Ashly Lorenzana


Sometimes we find ourselves feeling like we are in-between—in-between where we came from and where we will be. Yes, out of the quiet of this in-between come our true selves, especially as we check in with our souls and allow ourselves time to breath and think. But this in-between can be a trying and awkward place to be—between where you are “now” and where you will be “soon.” Some call this being in limbo. Another way of looking at it is as being in the middle.

This middle assigns the things in the world around it a greater or lesser degree of relevance or validity. It can start to form a center which all else is measured and can seem daunting when the measure is on what has been (since these are our physical experiences), and the measure can become misconstrued and influence our thinking and feeling about what will be. It can be difficult to imagine oneself in a new space—being somewhere different, doing something different, being with someone different, etc.

Some may feel not in “control” and with this their ego is threatened. The ego’s “job” is to make us believe that we are in control and to scare us into taking action to prove that we are. This threat to the ego makes us feel unsure, unfulfilled, frustrated, etc. It is hard to have patience with the unresolved state of our future and to appreciate the doors yet to open. transitions

We know that we do not want to go back to where we were and, more so, that we cannot go back since our prior Selves and circumstances no longer exist. We have more insight and knowledge about our Selves. We have clarity. But where we see our Selves being in this physical world, and where we will make an impact, is not ready for us yet. So we feel like we are on the sidelines watching the world flow by, and can even feel a lack of self-fulfillment.

We wait for our “soon” to happen and can become disheartened as the wait elongates. Being in the middle—far away from either shore of what was and what will be—is a brave but challenging place to be. When in this state, be open to the confusion, frustration, rawness and all the emotions it brings. Be willing to experience the discomfort for your new level of thinking to emerge.

The middle is an experience and place to be. Contrary to what you may feel or think, the middle is not empty or stagnate. The middle is a transitional season in our lives. It is a place to be present and an experience that evolves us. Don’t let the middle stop you from living and from being. Keep showing up even if the world is not quite ready for you because this is how you will make a difference in the world and flow into your “soon.”


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“I have walked that long road to freedom. I have tried not to falter; I have made missteps along the way. But I have discovered the secret that after climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb. I have taken a moment here to rest, to steal a view of the glorious vista that surrounds me, to look back on the distance I have come. But I can only rest for a moment, for with freedom come responsibilities, and I dare not linger, for my long walk is not ended.”

~ Nelson Madela


For most of us in this physical time and place we have had seasons where we detach or remove ourselves from what some would say are daily routines, environments or circumstances—where we take a break from our life. The catalyst for this detachment or removal could be a loss (job, loved one), a change (move, new job, relationship), a health scare or self-imposed deep reflection. Our bodies may be tired and sore, our minds overwhelmed and our souls needing nourishment and respite. For some the break is long or extended, for others short-lived. Regardless, a point of re-entry happens.

Re-entry is the act of reentering. Two definitions that can help set perspective on re-entry are:

The return from outer space into the earth’s atmosphere by an earth-orbiting satellite or spacecraft

The retaking of possession under a right reserved in a prior conveyance

Re-entry does not necessarily mean going back to your “old” life—the one that you were “living” before. Your “old” life is not there and it is not coming back. You may be entering back into your life’s atmosphere, but your orbit has changed. The experience of the impetus for the break or the change and the break itself impacted and evolved you. sun-clouds-valley

Think for a moment if you could somehow travel back to that old life, it really would not fit any longer because you are not that same person. Whatever triggered the break—be it a sudden loss or a convergence of untenable circumstances—it has reshaped you. It has made you wiser and stronger. It has given you clarity.

Taking a break, regardless of the circumstances, is courageous. It takes courage to stop doing the familiar for the unknown and trust that everything will work out fine. It can rejuvenate you emotionally, physically and spiritually.

At first thought, re-entry can be daunting, but it also can be invigorating and fresh. Re-entry into a next phase or season of your life is natural. One perspective on re-entry into your life is that you are taking possession of your life as the right reserved to you by the Universe.  The re-entry can take many forms. It can be a new job, a new or renewed relationship, a new passion or cause or a different life-style. It can be subtle in terms of a fresh attitude, clear mind or healthier body.

Re-entry can also be viewed as finding your home again. When circumstances happen that cause us or inspire us to take a break from our “old” life, we can feel homeless or in limbo. We may feel like we are on leave from the life we once knew.

Part of re-entry is letting the Universe guide you and letting yourself find the devotion of your energies. It is also about sharing yourself with the world. This is your gift, and sharing your gift connects you to the world, to the people who will be put on your path and in contact with your gift, as well as it will connect you to you.

As you re-enter your life’s atmosphere, stand in awe of the brilliance of your light at that point of re-entry.