Pink Warriors

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At Warrior Rx we believe in all of us lives a Warrior. That something inside us that makes us brave, courageous, strong–fighters. That something that gives us the ability to persevere and reason to hope and to give hope.   It can take many forms in many situations.  It can be a silent resolve or an outrageous burst–but it is with us everyday.

At Warrior Rx we like to call special attention to the Warriors of breast cancer. Those women and men who work tirelessly to raise awareness about breast cancer, those working to find a cure and those providing loving and caring support to those with breast cancer.

We pay tribute to those who have told their stories and those yet to tell their stories.And we pay a special tribute to the Pink Warriors who are in their battle with breast cancer. Those amazing women who everyday are on the frontline and through their personal journeys and experiences touch hearts and souls and exemplify the human spirit.

There are many sources of information about breast cancer and we encourage everyone to get informed. Here are two links to get you started.

Rock on Pink Warriors!