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My name is Tim Sain. My friends and I are a group of martial arts athletes that decided to pool our resources to develop a revolutionary & safe muscle and joint pain relief formula called Warrior Rx. We have been training together for some time, and we made it a point to create the best muscle and joint pain relief rub on the market today for ourselves and others who experience the same pains we do.

Constantly battling bruises, muscle aches, strains and pains we all use it on practically a daily basis. As we like to put it, it’s ‘Strong Enough for Serious Athletes, Without Popping Dangerous Pain Killers’ because frankly we don’t like to take things that have long term harmful effects on our bodies (or short term for that matter).

I wanted to start this blog for several reasons.  For one, to help spread the word about our Warrior Rx topical pain relief rub as well as the other performance and recovery products we have created. Secondly, we as a group collectively have a ton of experience training not only in various systems of martial arts but in a variety of areas regarding athletic training, sports nutrition, natural healing, meditation  and peak performance.

Having said that, we felt what better way to share our knowledge with the world than through a blog.  Here we’ll delve into different areas including mixed martial arts, mindset and smarter training, strength training enhancement, natural healing and pain management, sports nutrition, higher consciousness, aging warriors & much more.

Suffice to say we won’t run out of any topics to write about any time soon!  We love being active in a variety of areas and above all staying as healthy as possible so we can remain active in life. So if you feel the same way check out our blog for new, informative content which we update just about weekly.

If you’d like to try our best-selling Warrior Rx Muscle & Joint Pain Relief rub, our Warrior Rx Deer Antler Velvet Extract, or our brand new Warrior Rx Focus brain boosting supplement, please visit our website at: warriorrx.com.

Whether you are a serious athlete, a weekend warrior or a complete couch potato I think you’ll find some great information and benefit here.


Tim S. – Warrior Rx Team

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