Frequency & Vibration

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“If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”

~ Nikola Tesla


Many people talk about one’s vibration or ‘vibe’. What do they mean? As living beings (and all objects really), we emanate electromagnetic energy, although everything seems solid to us, including ourselves. There really is no solidity to the universe though, which quantum physics has shown us. Energy has a frequency and vibrates. Everything vibrates.

So your vibration could be thought of as your overall state of mind and emotions being wrapped up into one which you project concsiously and subconsciously. Your entire biological system works on the same frequencies that the earth emanates. Keep that in mind.

Our thoughts in of themselves have a vibration obviously as well, which effects our brainwave patterns and can be gauged on an EEG machine. Interestingly enough, when we slow down our thought processes and thus our brainwave activity, we go beyond the active and alert Beta state into the Alpha and even deeper Theta states of consciousness where our brainwave patterns slow down dramatically.

I find the correlation between brain wave patterns and depths of consciousness rather intriguing. There are many factors that can cause these changes in us. From watching TV (they call it programming for a reason), to being in a highly stressful situation, to simply focusing on your breath, and to sleep, our vibes and brain waves can change. rainbow cosmos

For example you can be in what would normally be thought of as a stressful situation at work for example to others, and not be stressed at all, or at least to a minimal degree. Some people can exude that ‘calmness in the eye of the storm’ so to speak. Amazingly, this can have an impact on other people that may be experiencing that same situation so far as to have a calming effect on those around them. This would be an example of someone’s ‘vibe’ influencing those around them.

In the same token, a person with a very frantic and nervous ‘vibe’ can influence those around them as well to move towards that same state. In the least, if you are even just somewhat sensitive or aware, you will notice something about what someone’s particular vibration may be like. Other times, peoples vibrations may be so subtle so as to you don’t notice much of anything.

Our vibration and energy signature is always ‘on’ so to speak, although it can be toned down to where it is almost imperceptible. Our perception picks up these signals, almost like an antenna picking up radio signals. People can train themselves using various tools and techniques to raise and enhance their awareness and perception.

This is an amazing ability we humans have. It also makes life much more fascinating when you can start enhancing and tapping in to your natural, but usually more latent abilities and start noticing things you once did not. Trusting and developing your intuition more, meditating more frequently (and even at certain times), self-hypnosis, chi kung, martial arts, yoga, mysticism, etc., are some of the known ways to do this.

For me personally as an example, I noticed that when I meditate at night right before I go to sleep, this increases the frequency of astral projection and out of body experiences dramatically. It actually happens I would say about 70-80% of the time when I do this. Everyone is different, some people just naturally are able to do and perceive more without any aides or techniques. I encourage you to test and try different things out to see how you can enhance and expand your own frequency and vibration.

Energy Interference

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A breakthrough occurs when you recognize you are more energy than matter.”

 ~ Caroyln Myss, Intuitive Healer


We are all energy beings. Everything is energy, including our thoughts. We are all sensitive to energy. Most of us can recall when we were in the presence of someone and we felt good, comfortable, energized, etc. Likewise, we can recall when we were in the presence of someone and we felt uncomfortable, agitated, tired, etc.

For many an energetic reaction to someone happens more frequently than realized, and some may find themselves wondering why they may feel tired, sad, off or upset at the end of what they define as a normal day.

Everything and everyone has a resonance at a particular frequency which we may or may not perceive, depending on our own unique abilities. Negative thoughts, emotions and intent, all resonate at a particular vibration. This vibration tends to coalesce into what some label as fourth dimensional energy. It can be viewed as the chaos of the world that has no specific form, but coalesces due to mutual attraction, all resonating around a similar frequency.

It is all around us and part of us, and it is this chaos that offers the potential for some energies to take form in co-creation with us. In other words, we create them. In short, everything as energy has the potential to affect us or interfere with our energy. cloud swirl mountain

There are several definitions of interference but to help illustrate the impact of energy interference on us, we can use the definition of interference as confusion of a received radio signal due to the presence of noise or signals from two or more transmitters on a single frequency or something that produces confusion. As energy beings we are sensitive to energy and noise. Some people are more sensitive or aware than others.

Being sensitive to energy is a good thing. It means that you are in touch with yourself, your feelings and emotions. Your feelings (and instincts) are a built-in natural guidance system.  But sometimes being sensitive to energy can be challenging if you do not know how to manage it—as when other people’s low vibrating energies or those who are intentionally or unintentionally seeking your energy come onto your path.

It can be hard not to let other people’s low energy affect your own vibration if you have not learned how to focus your mind and deliberately create. But if you follow your natural guidance and consciously choose what to focus on, you allow others to be in their energetic state while you can stand firmly in your power or energy.  But when you find yourself in an energy interference situation, you can take a few steps to help.

Remind yourself that whatever you focus on will get bigger by the Universal laws of attraction. If you react or join others in their low energy you will include it in your own experience. Shift the collective energy by resetting your mind-set and focusing on something else.

Decide where you want to be and do not get stuck in other people’s drama. If the momentum of the low vibrating energy has picked up, remove yourself from it. Go for a walk, excuse yourself and do whatever works for you to take action to move away from it.

Shield yourself by imagining or visualizing a white light around yourself and think of it as a tool that blocks outs low vibrating energy.

I hope these techniques help you and would like to hear from you on how you manage energy interference.