Tis the Season

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Here we are once again in December and the year end rush is on. It is quite common to find ourselves feeling a bit stressed, overwhelmed and anxious. And it is not just the approaching holidays. For many it’s year end performance reviews, year end job attrition (layoffs) worries, final exams and papers—and the rush to finish the “to-do’s” that somehow accumulated throughout the year.

Plus, we start putting pressure on ourselves about how we will or should celebrate New Year’s and that post January 1 we will hit the reset button with all sorts of improvements and changes. nyc-holiday-lights

That sure is a lot. For some of us, we push through and try to ignore our symptoms, and for others it can be a daily battle as things seem to pile up and feeling anxious or sad becomes predominant.  Either way, not healthy and time to take action.

As always, it is good to keep tabs on how you are feeling and why. If you are experiencing the following it is time to take some steps to reset and focus on yourself.

  • Feeling restless or on edge
  • Being easily tired
  • Feeling sore or achy
  • Having a hard time concentrating or staying focused
  • Being irritable
  • Having a hard time falling asleep or staying asleep
  • Over planning
  • Seeking assurance and answers from others
  • Having anxiety attacks

Anxiety can take its toll and if it is really getting to a point where it is inhibiting you and your life, there is professional help and you should never feel embarrassed to seek and get help.

There are some holistic and natural remedies that can help.

  • Exercise, even if a brisk walk around the block
  • Get outside—sunshine and air make a big difference
  • Limit caffeine and alcohol
  • Eat healthier—fresh fruits and vegetables, good protein sources and less sugar
  • Stay hydrated (lots of water)
  • Find time to clear your head—give yourself some mental time-outs
  • Deep breathing
  • Explore herbal tools such as mint tea, chamomile or St John’s Wort (always talk to your doctor before you try herbal anxiety treatment)
  • Learn to think positive—remember the old adage that you create more of what you think about more
  • Explore a creative outlet
  • Change up your routine
  • Let things go—sometimes good is good enough
  • Set boundaries and limits—your time is precious and your health and well-being even more precious

So if you are feeling anxious and stressed, don’t ignore it and think post January 1 it will all dissolve. Start to take some steps that can become part of your daily practice and contribute to your overall well-being.

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