Pushing Through

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Life comes with it’s ups and downs, pleasure and pain… and from an athlete’s point of view training hard and relaxing and recovering. They are not mutually exclusive. Knowing your body and knowing when to allow it to rest and heal is key to pushing yourrself to higher levels of performance. This always seems to come to mind when I am sore from over-training or taking on a new exercise regimen.

What’s funny to me is that no matter how good of a level of physical shape I think I am in, if I engange in some new exercise regimen or physical activity that I have never done or haven’t done in a while, boy do I feel it the next day… and especially a day later! I had this happen to me this past weekend from doing some new types of pull up exercises (including one-armed) as well as with some other activities I haven’t done in a long time, like chopping wood… a lot of wood!

It also reminded me of how impressed I am with some of my friends and family members that do a lot of manual labor in their jobs, namely in the construction business. You gain a natural, gradual all around body strength that is different from going to the gym for example or doing calisthenics for that matter.  It’s something that you don’t seem to lose either, because your job conditions you over time. I am not saying it is necessarily better, but different. I will still put my uncle (who is a mason) up against almost anyone in an arm wrestling contest though!

Change It Up

So where am I going with this?  Simply that you need to push through your training but be smart about it. Change things up! In this case changing things up in the exercises you engage in or doing new ones altogether. Expect to be sore or more sore than usual. But this diversity in your training is a good thing. It is the antidote to one of my personal (and many other athletes and martial artists) greatest nemesis — hitting plateaus.

Monument Valley, Utah, USA

I remember in the past when I have hit plateaus in my martial arts training, I got so discouraged that I almost did not want to do anything and even wanted to miss my classes which I went to religiously. I almost get lazy about my training. I must say this is natural though and will happen to almost everyone sooner or later. It will probably even happen several times in your life.

Why does this happen? It comes from doing the same training regimen over and over, which for some people who have never done it would be quite difficult. But for you it’s relatively easy because your body is used to doing it and has adapted. Also understand, that your mind also can get run down from doing the same thing over and over and that it’s all connected (The Mind-Body Connection). By changing things up so you can push through plateaus in your training, you will re-ignite and add excitement back in to it.

Take a Break & Disconnect

The other key in this equation to pushing through is taking a break and allowing your body and mind to recover and disconnect for a few days or more if need be.  I did this the first time it happened to me in the martial arts, I felt compelled to take some time off and my teacher at the time said it was a good idea for me to do so as well. It worked wonders for me when I came back almost a week later excited to train hard again. But be careful though, this can be a slippery slope and can be used as an excuse to get lazy.

After taking a break you will be refreshed both physically and mentally.  Changing things up applies to all areas of your life really, not just your physical fitness level. It is natural to hit plateaus in your relationships, work and even in your spiritual practice as well. Most likely you will. Find new ways to push through. If you’re a martial artist for example, take on a new art that you have always been interested in but for whatever reason have not.

Another thing that can help a lot is taking a trip somewhere new or somewhere you haven’t been to in long time to disconnect from the norm and gain some new perspective in any area of your life.




Just Be

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“There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting.”

– Buddha


Living in this time of change can be difficult and unsettling. We are in a time of great awakening and spiritual growth, but our physical beings are uncomfortable and find it difficult to adjust and may keep introducing feelings of fear and distress. There can be feelings of uncertainty, not belonging, boredom, and even questioning what to do with this life, etc.

Going through our daily lives during this evolutionary time—regardless of your stage of life, if employed/unemployed, in a relationship/not in a relationship, in school/not in school, etc.—can have many questioning themselves, their purpose and what to do. Some may try to find solace in routine, or trying to keep busy; or breaking way; trying new things; or reminiscing, etc. It is important to remember to live consciously through this time and not lose sight of the amazing and good things that are on the horizon. We are trained, if you will, to deflect, replace or ignore what we may be feeling. Now is the time to get more in tune with your emotions and with yourself.

sun path

It is hard sometimes not to give into the inner voices of fear or distress—regardless of your circumstances. Many may feel broken or beaten down, and even lost. Now is the time to recognize these feelings as reminders of the change and a process of letting go and moving forward. Now is the time to lean on all the work you have done on your personal change and to use your framework for change. Now is time to let go of inflexible attitudes or unyielding modes of behavior.

It can be hard not to “give in” to the negative voices, to keep looking back or trying to find answers in this physical world. But I implore you to look forward and remember that we are in a time of gaining a spiritual maturity, where new discoveries about yourself and the World will be revealed. It is important to consciously participate in this process.

I know each of you have the strength and certainty deep inside you. As you go through your daily experiences and routines, do not let the uncertainty or feeling “homeless” or in “limbo” distract you. Try to think of the voices you are hearing and the emotional and physical affects of this ascension as reminders that you are getting closer to your freedom from Universal and self-imposed limitations.

New channels are opening for you. This is a powerful shift. The journey through this change and process can be mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually exhausting so best to try to stay positive, stay in trust, stay in compassion, stay in love, stay in gratitude; to be you, to love you; to take care of yourself; to get more sunshine and fresh air; to rest, to laugh—and to just be.You are in the embrace of the Universe and all will be well.


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“A kind of light spread out from her. And everything changed color. And the world opened out. And a day was good to awaken to. And there were no limits to anything. And the people of the world were good and handsome. And I was not afraid any more. ”

~ John Steinbeck, East of Eden


We have entered an amazing time—a time of Universal change. As I have talked about in some recent posts we are in a phase where we are transitioning from the Third Dimension to the Fifth Dimension, a dimension of consciousness outside the constraints of space and time (known as the Third and Fourth Dimensions where your mind and body are aligned in a physical reality) and where you function or experience space in a more fluid reality (Into the Fifth Dimension).  And the pace is accelerating.

This month there will be super waves of energy—of gamma light—from the center of the Universe (also know as the Galactic Core). This has been coined Wave X. WaveX energy will be coming through the earth at maximum strength and peaking on September 28. We are already well into it and feeling its effects. These massive energy waves coming into earth happen only every 3600 years, and they coincide with significant changes in the evolutionary cycle of human kind.

As you can imagine, as WaveX—with its super strong energy—comes into earth this will have a tremendous impact on you, including your physical being. But it is nothing to fear. On the contrary, it is something to fully embrace.

WaveX—these incoming cosmic energies that have been building since late August—will accelerate and heighten a frequency shift in consciousness. This will inspire an evolutionary change and initiate an incredible change across the planet. These changes will not necessarily be sudden or be seen as “big” events onto themselves, but this massive energy will fuel change already occurring in the Universe, such as those we see being played out in major institutions and existing paradigms in the world in which we live.


WaveX will speed the ascension of many, especially those functioning at higher frequencies—but all will be impacted in someway.  WaveX will be fueling a mass scale raising of consciousness and spiritual Self.  We have been experiencing the impact of new energy and energy shifts as part of the Universal change and the ascension process—where we transform and heighten our consciousness.

As I talked about, this can result in a variety of symptoms, ranging from being restless, being “wired,” being tired, headaches and body aches, feeling sad or lonely, agitated, depressed, feeling on edge as if something is going to happen but you just don’t know what or when, etc.

And the emotions and feelings can swing (in short time frames) from feeling good or OK with things, even content or happy to feeling upset, scared or not well. This is normal. It’s best to let yourself go through these feelings with kindness and no self-judgment, and to lean on techniques and practices for relaxation such a meditation, grounding, exercise, etc.

It is important to remember at this time that you initially attract what you judge. With this, recognize that judgments can become reminders for new conscious behavior. Keep an open mind and an open heart. When approaching the transition to the Fifth Dimension the shift can be easier and even enjoyable by experiencing each moment.

Indeed, this time of WaveX can be a difficult period for many as they struggle with how they are feeling—emotionally, physically and spiritually. You can’t fight these feelings. You need to be introspective and trust this natural process of change, and rest in knowing that the Universal change that will be accelerated by WaveX is a natural process—and necessary that will result in a world of understating purpose, of compassion and love.

I would love to hear how you are experiencing WaveX.

Wake Up

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Lately I have been thinking more and more that there are many folks “sleep-walking” through life. They place a value on what they do and how they do it, but on someone else’s terms, fueled by years (actually generations upon generations) of expectations and “norms” that somehow along with the “third and fourth dimensions” got established as belief systems. A good chunk of the earth’s population buy into these belief systems so much so that they define what will make them happy or at peace, what will move them up in the work place, what will make them “more attractive” or popular to others—and what they “need to do,” “need to have,” or “need to be” to progress through life. (Note—everything you “need” you already have within you.)

They become judgmental of themselves and of others—and create negativity and doubt. They are unconscious! And forget that they always are at choice in what they believe and how they create their lives.  Think about it this way. If you are walking around thinking that life is a struggle and think you have no “control” over what happens in your life, you blame others, feel sorry for yourself or think by having more (fill in the blank—time, money, love, etc.) you will be happy or successful, you are sleep-walking. You may think you are awake, but you are going through life on auto-pilot and not really living YOUR life or being true to your SELF.

When you are going through life in this unconscious state you are stuck in your day-to-day existence and have a narrow or an attached perspective—and you can’t step back to see the bigger picture and allow yourself to have a detached perspective.  You are reacting to things that are happening in your life and “using” your memory or past experiences in how you react. You have lost sight that actually you created all these events and experiences.

sun rise over earth

Waking up will allow you to have that detached perspective and you will see how the choices you make impact what presents itself in your life.  This is quite powerful—not only to your being but to the collective. As more and more people “wake-up” this will have an amazing universal impact—change. It will evolve—if not turn on its head—the unfortunate current state of expectations, judgment, criticality and negativity in today’s world—so that we all can realize a more enlightened and joyful existence.

So you may say—how do I wake up? A first step is to remind yourself that it is not what you are “doing” that is important—but what you are “being.”  Stop defining yourself by what you do, where you work or study, who your “friends” are, etc., and be honest with yourself about yourself. Learn to accept yourself and love yourself—and stop living by others’ expectations.

Stop judging yourself and condemning yourself. Stop taking the words of others for defining bad or good or right or wrong about you.

Be honest about your motivations and instincts.

Let yourself be vulnerable. I know—this can be a scary one. But let go of the concept of control. Just be you and take chances. Try new things. Embrace what makes you unique. Give yourself permission to be you!

Be in the moment. Stop thinking about the past and worrying about the future. Meet yourself where you are at and be in that moment. Savor those moments—let yourself be happy, be sad, just be!

Try not to have regrets or have the mindset that all good things must end. For instance how many times have you just had a great day, spent time with someone special or were at a wonderful celebration—but when it’s over you feel sad. So try to smile that it happened and you had that experience, and you were in that moment vs feeling down that it’s over. Carry the good and joy with you—in your heart.

And be sincere about your intentions. Be conscious of your thoughts, words and actions.

So I hope today if you are “sleep-walking” that you start to nudge yourself to wake up. The world needs more of us in the awake state!