Conscious Detachment

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“It is your resistance to what is that causes your suffering.”

– Buddha


I know that the concept of being detached consciously may seem odd or even uncomfortable—especially as you are working to make change, know your Self and follow your intentions.  The term detached or the state of being detached can have a negative connotation. And this comes from a legacy of expectations that have been ingrained in us and society for centuries.

When I talk about conscious detachment, I’m not taking about “checking out” of life, not caring or giving up on your choices. I am, however, taking about not being attached to outcomes, situations or people; of letting go of trying to control outcomes and the process; and of relinquishing your resistance to what is causing your suffering (what may not be working in your life, unfulfilled desires, loneliness, relationship problems, guilt, financial problems, etc.).

Think about it (Buddha’s famous saying, “It is your resistance to what is that causes your suffering”) for a minute in a practical sense. It means that suffering occurs when we resist how things are. If you can change something, then make change. If you can’t change something then accept it and let go of negativity.  It is about accepting what is—the realities in your life without resisting them.

There are some things that no matter how much you resist them there is nothing you are going to be able to do about them. Change what you can change, and have the wisdom to accept unalterable situations as they are without expending energy attempting to change what you cannot.  This acceptance is conscious detachment—the ability to allow the negative to flow through you without resistance and without affecting you.redman

Attachment is based on fear and insecurity and the need for security is based on not knowing your true Self. Being consciously detached is moving your focus from trying to change others or unchangeable circumstances to a focus on yourself and what needs to be changed in you. This is powerful. It’s moving the focus from the known (the past)—from what we have done, what someone has done or not done to us—to the now. It’s allowing yourself to feel your feelings, letting them go, being in the present moment and trusting the greater power of the Universe.

When you put conscious detachment in the context of your change process and in manifesting your dreams, it’s about not attaching yourself to any specific person’s actions or to certain outcomes. Being attached to any thing, person or situation sends a message to yourself that you are not complete without that thing, person or event, and then you fail to see the perfection in what is.

When you do this you give away your power to create your own reality—and you create within yourself a sense of doubt.  When you detach yourself from the outcome you will feel your doubt and fear transforming into a deep sense of knowing and certainty. This is faith and faith is the means to true detachment.

Whenever you feel a sense of panic or a need to control the process in your day-to-day thoughts and actions, this is when you are in a state of attachment.  You are sort of in an “attached mind.” To work through this first take responsibility for your own behavior. Get to a place where you do not blame others or circumstances.

It’s your reaction to these things that causes disappointment, resentment, anger, etc.  Don’t lose yourself in these negative emotions that will cause fear and perpetuate you being attached. Practice acceptance—acceptance of things you cannot change and trying to change them. Practice letting go—find peace with your past and things that may not be working in your life, and then move to reconnecting with your intentions (Reconnecting to Your Intention) and using positive thoughts and taking positive actions.

In those moments of being in an “attached mind” pause, relax and remind yourself that you are in control when you do not have a need to control. And in this state of conscious detachment you accept what is and by doing so you put in practice faith and trust in the Universe.

This faith is not to sit back and wish things were different or to watch life go by—waiting for life to happen.  It is knowing that your positive thoughts will manifest by you taking inspired action—without the baggage of attachment and negativity. You create a non-resistance pattern that takes you to peace and certainty where your choices flourish and become your reality.

Being Present

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“Nothing Belongs To You & Yet Everything Is You”

– Mooji


Sometimes I have to keep reminding myself how impermanent life can be and how fleeting it is. Things seem to happen and change so fast in life sometimes that what happened so long ago can seem like it was just yesterday and what happened yesterday can seem like it was so long ago. What we encounter in life whether it be in our work, family, relationships etc., happen the way they do for a reason and we can only experience it once.  It may not seem that way though at times when all of these things are seemingly so accessible in our lives.

These things can become so familiar and common to us that we take them for granted. We tend to go through life in a lot of cases on auto-pilot and without the full awareness we are capable of. Unfortunately this is at our own detriment because we miss out on the full potential of the moment. The main reason behind this is because we feel the people or circumstances in our lives will always be there, or that they will be gone too soon and so our minds may be somewhere else at the time instead of just being in the moment.

I would go so far as to say that a lot of people feel as if they are immortal, (although they usually won’t admit it) that they have all the time in the world to put off what they can do and experience today.  I am sure you have heard the old saying – ‘act as if today is the last day you have to live’. This is a lot harder said than done but I feel the idea behind it can help us live more fulfilled lives if we were to live life keeping this in mind.Cosmic-lighthouse

Acting as if today is the last day we will be alive will help us live in the moment more and not take things for granted. How could we if we really felt this way? It would almost be impossible to do so. Our minds would not wander off to some ephemeral distant future that may never come.

Another thing that allows us to live more intensely and in the present moment is to know our connection with everyone and everything around us. We have been told since time immemorial from mystics and sages alike that we are all one.  It’s even harder to see this in today’s world with how we are so easily connected to each other through modern technology and yet we are seemingly more disconnected than ever at the same time.

If we could really feel what the sages of old and new tell us, that I am you and you are me, the world would be a different place. We would be genuinely different people and we would treat each other with love and respect. We would be more present naturally. Of course those of us consciously evolving at a higher pace can’t wait for the world to catch up, really it never will. We must act accordingly now and hopefully inspire those around us at the same time.

Meditation is the greatest tool to see this connection, to be in the moment and live our lives fully present. This cannot be just an intellectual idea, it must be felt and seen beyond the distractions of our daily lives. Once we know this, what those around us do no longer affects us as it once did as we see it is just a reflection of a part of ourselves. We don’t take things personally and judgements fall away. Attachments and aversions are gone along with all of the other false ideas we have been socially programmed to believe.

Perception is reality and reality can be what you make and see it for or what others tell you it is, it’s your choice. Being present is a major key to seeing things for what they truly are.






Listening to Your Soul’s Lessons

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In this physical world it can be difficult to sort through your intentions, your purpose and your soul’s plan as you navigate your daily life and deal with small inconveniences to major decisions, as you try to do the right thing, be there for others or just find some quiet time to think or to be. And then when you get that time to think, to contemplate or run through your emotions you start thinking that you are, well, thinking too much.

Sometimes you might start to feel disconnected. For me, I think this may mean that what my mind may think is my soul’s journey is not really my soul’s journey.  I’ll start to question if I’m on the right path, if I am where I’m supposed to be or am doing what I’m supposed to be doing, and then I remind myself that yes, I guess I am since I’m living my soul’s journey. This can get a bit confusing and definitely overwhelming–but yet so meaningful and impactful. Here’s my latest encounter with this.

Recently I was on a trip to a place I never was before. I knew why I was going, what I was supposed to do and had the “measures of success” defined. But when I got to the destination, I just felt out of sorts–uncomfortable, uneasy and questioning why I was really there. Was my being there really going to make a difference, was something good going to come out of the trip? I started to think I shouldn’t be there, and I started my count down to when I would be back home. Yes, it got a bit negative for sure.trees-walkway

I reminded myself that I was there because I was meant to be there, and what my mind may have determined as the reasons why may not really be the reasons why. And this turned out to be the case. The place, the people, the encounters, even if sometimes uncomfortable, were an experience that added to the fabric of my life and all were intended.

On one level the trip brought back and reminded me of some of my heritage (my past). It revealed a present that was notably different and seemed dated–like being in a past era although 2015. It revealed a perseverance, a strong will and even a contentment of a people. And it provided me an opportunity to meet new people–but people to whom I somehow felt a distinct connection.

Throughout the week, I realized that indeed I was supposed to be there. There was a message and a lesson, but more so an energy–something from my past revealing itself for my present and my future. I left taking this with me and knowing that I am fine just as I am right now and where I am right now.

It reminded me to have an open mind, and more importantly to mine the lessons of my soul’s journey. It reminded me to put experiences in the context of my life’s story. When I started to reflect on what I was feeling and experiencing I started to see the connections to my past and my present and how these would be part of my future. I saw my soul’s intention as my spirit’s way of helping me find fulfillment in this lifetime and how I can take the lessons to help shape my physical self and my soul.

Reconnecting to Your Intention

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“Conscious intention colors and moves everything”
– Master Hsing Yun

In many of the blog posts I often talk about the power of intention and inner conviction; that the universal source provides or supplies everything and within you is the ability to create. You have the ability to will what you desire, and more importantly to live your imagination.  What I mean is that your will or desire is one thing–to drive hard and focus on what you want, how you want to live your life, etc.  It’s your determination.

But in your imagination you become what you think about. Think of your imagination as the catalyst or the source that makes things happen. To realize your intentions, through the tool and power of your imagination, you need to work in a state of higher or more positive energy. Think about it this way, you attract what you think about. Your thoughts are energy and if you are letting in doubt, distraction or negativity, the universe will respond to that as what is.


If you focus on what you don’t want–don’t want to be, don’t want to go, don’t want to feel, you are perpetuating that as what is and you will attract these negative states or actions. The “don’t want,” doubt and fear are negative, and on a deeper level they are a distraction from inner knowing or trust in the universal source of abundance.

We humans have a tendency when we do not like what is occurring in our lives, to complain or think of what we do not like, want, etc. It’s sort of like swimming up-stream or going against the tide. When we think and speak of what we do not want, do not like, what hurts us or what makes us unhappy, we are swimming against the flow of the universe and stifling our ability to float to our intentions and manifestation of our imagination or desires.

Focusing on what you want in the spirit and state of love, compassion and trust puts forth positive energy and attracts positivity in return. When you complain about something or let distraction in, have you not noticed that even more negative thoughts or actions come soon after? The same applies when you focus on the positive and do not let distractions in; more realizations of the good in your life come to you and you set in motion the profound yet simple knowing that the universe supplies everything.

When you find yourself thinking negative thoughts, coming at things from a place of fear or doubt, simply acknowledge the feeling, accept and embrace that you have the right to feel this way and let them go. Re-engage your imagination–visioning yourself in your desired state, place and of being. Examine your self-imposed obstacles and challenges and remove them, and live the intent that has been placed in your heart and soul.  Reconnect to your intentions and the knowing that you have the power to create anything that is in your imagination.