Standing Waves

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“The heavy is the root of light. The unmoved in the source of all movement”

– Tao Te Ching


Earlier this year I wrote about riding the wave (Ride the Wave) of collective energy that is put out to the universe to ignite or fuel your intentions–to launch yourself on every wave. One way to look at these types of waves (going back to our school days of science) is that they are traveling waves. Waves that are picking up collective energy, and that are not confined to a given space, like the waves of an ocean. But it is also possible for a wave not to travel anywhere, but to simply oscillate in place, maintaining a fixed wavelength of frequency. These are called standing waves.standing wave3

Like these standing waves, we as humans also have standing waves–whereby we may physically appear (and feel) that we are standing still as the world about us is rapidly moving–in a constant state of traveling waves. That feeling like everything around you is moving while you stand in the middle of it is like being on a fast train where you experience the illusion that the train is standing still and the buildings and trees are moving backwards.

In our standing waves—when we are standing still to regroup, to rest, to reflect and to be in conversation with life, energy is flowing dynamically within our bodies. Our human standing waves appear to be still but they have constant movement within them. This is a movement that removes us from or rises us above traveling movement or waves, to what can be defined as a higher level of movement. In this state we have the ability to clearly hear our inner voice and to deepen our relationship with and understanding of the universal energy that flows through us.

These standing still moments are where we evolve from and where we become awakened. They are where we discover that there is so much more to life–and how we are universally connected. They are where the universe speaks to us. In stillness–in our standing wave–there is amazing movement that goes beyond creating an inner peace and sense of well-being. There is a movement in the stillness where your mind meets your soul and the action that the universe intends blossoms.

Remembering Our Fallen Warriors…

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At Warrior Rx we would like to take a moment to remember all those who fallen while serving in the US armed forces. We honor these Warriors who have made the ultimate sacrifice for their country and so that we can live in freedom. They all have given to something bigger then oneself.

These men and women are genuine heroes and we are proud of all those who have served, are serving and will serve in the US military.

So on this Memorial Day 2015, take a moment to honor all those military Warriors.

The Power of Ritual to Create Positive Change & Transformation

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I thought I would touch on the subject of rituals and the power they hold to help us create positive change and transformation in our lives. Ritual, by definition as to what I am referring to is:  a formal ceremony or series of acts that is always performed in the same way or an act or series of acts done in a particular situation and in the same way each time. An old saying in the martial arts is that ‘repetition is the mother of all skill’.  Performing a daily ritual is in a sense the best illustration of this and it need not be formal by any means.

So where am I going with this and what does this have to do with enhancing your health and wellness? Well to start, if you perform a healthy daily ritual or series of healthy rituals such as a particular workout regimen or healthy eating and drinking habits you can dramatically impact your life in positive way. Rituals can be very powerful because they in a sense force us to be consistent, and with consistency comes results.

I touched upon this subject in an earlier post I wrote back in late July of last year – 5 Daily Rituals to Have More Energy, Promote Lean Muscle Mass & Muscle Recovery. There I gave examples of some simple rituals you can incorporate into your daily life to achieve a certain result.  Most people go through their daily routines (or rituals as I like to call them) without really giving what they do much thought.  You can use these routines as a springboard to transform your life and make positive change.

How? Well I am glad you asked… through simple substitution. For example, something so simple as to how you wake up in the morning. Instead of hitting the snooze button a few times and dreading getting up for work (like many people do), you can start with the habit of reciting a positive mantra to yourself on how you are looking forward to your day and how much you are grateful to be alive another day on this planet and then hopping right out of bed.

sunburstdarkThis will help energize you and get you started for the day on the right foot. They say that it takes about 21 days to create a new healthy habit where you just do it automatically and it is ingrained. Doing something new like this, or anything else worthwhile may be tough at first, but if you stick it out for 21 days to about a month or so, before you know it you will be doing it automatically and it will be second nature.

In the case of this example, you will actually wake up more energized as time goes on. A quick tip if you want to try this, is to tell yourself how great you will feel in the morning right before you go to bed at night as it will help prepare and program your mind.

I encourage you to examine what you do on a consistent basis everyday that is not very productive or the healthiest of habits and how you can substitute in a healthy habit or ritual to create positive change in your life. What I will also say is not to go overboard at first and try to change everything you do and flip your life upside down right off the bat… even if it’s in the name of making positive change in your life. The reason being is that you won’t stick with it because it will be too drastic and it’s a recipe for failure.

Go gradual, pick one thing you are doing now that you can substitute in something more healthy and positive and get that down before adding in anything else.  Another example that I incorporated into my life was swapping watching tv for meditation right when I got home from work – a much more effective and healthy way to decompress I must say.

This idea can also be done on a smaller scale with the little things in your life, such as having green tea –  instead of coffee, slowing down – instead of rushing, being grateful for the little things – instead of focusing on what you don’t have, letting someone else speak instead of talking over them… are just a few things that come to mind. Granted, these aren’t really rituals, but you can see how this idea can really make you examine yourself deeper and be more mindful.

This can really build on itself over time if you stick with it and gain momentum like a snow ball effect. It is really the little things in life that together over time have the biggest impact on us.  The next thing you know you are a completely different, more positive and healthy person with a new perspective on life!  I encourage you again to experiment with this and see what kind of positive changes you can make in your life.

Standing Still

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Sometimes the more I work on this change stuff, of finding my purpose and living my passion, the more I feel like I’m standing still, and I have “what the hell am I doing” moments. OK, I’ll admit they are more than moments. There are times when they are just complete breakdowns and they stay with me for a while. Maybe it’s because I feel I’m “in-between;” in-between something that I do now and something that I’ll be doing in the future. In-between seasons of my life—of who I was and who I’m evolving to become; and in-between holding on and letting go.

I pull myself together to take on the day, to live up to my commitments and responsibilities and to stay in the moments of the day. I get my mindset in order—reflecting on the emotions, calming myself and ensuring myself that I am learning and growing from this, and everything will be OK and is OK, and that I’m right where I’m suppose to be. (And I do believe this.) I regroup and drive forward with ideas and plans. And actually there are many days when I feel wonderfully productive, content and even excited, but there are those days when I look at myself in the mirror and ask myself “What are you doing?” So back to the cycle of “in-between-ness” and working through that (again).

So it really got me thinking. I started to ask myself when I regroup am I picking up the same pieces in the same order?  So what I discovered (and, yes, the discovery process is always underway) is that I do. It’s a way to get back to functional. I’m somewhat comfortable with that—getting back to functional, but I do need to pick up the pieces in a different order, and even maybe let some pieces out and put some new pieces in.

On Story People I came across this wonderful quote, “When you start to crack open, don’t waste a moment gathering your old self up into something like you knew before. Let your new self splash like sunlight into every dark place & laugh & cry & make sounds you never made & thank all that is holy for the gift, because now you have no choice but to let all your love spill out into the world.”

So when I experience those times of breaking because I’m feeling “in-between,” let it spill out and put a light into those dark places where I may feel like I’m not making progress, where I feel change is not happening fast enough, where I feel I’m letting others and myself down, where I beat myself up for feeling like I can’t break out of some self imposed or defined cycle, or where I’m living by someone else’s expectations. Let the light expose new things about myself. This is a gift.

Through my thinking, I also started to ask myself am I making promises to myself that I don’t keep and do I have too many “if-only’s”. Let me take the making promises one first. I start to feel torn on things I want to do and things I have to do., and I feel that I’m not making progress toward the things I want to do. In efforts to make progress, I start to take too many things on. I start to feel stressed, overwhelmed, sad or lonely, and at times it feels safer to just watch the world through a window. And then I start the promises to myself—with the “tomorrow I’ll (fill in the blank)”.  So a remedy—stop the promises. They are setting up expectations that are fueling a negative cycle. I will start where I am at and get out in the world.

Now on the “if-only’s” and “when’s.” Let’s face it, there is really never going to be a perfect time, place or set of circumstances. As the old-adage goes, “there is no time like the present.” So I’m working on removing the “if-only’s” and “when’s” from my thinking and vocabulary, and simply starting where I’m at because that is just fine. When I’m feeling “in-between” there is little that can help until I move. It’s not about what direction I decide to go, but simply the fact that I’m moving. And once in motion, things start to get clearer, ideas louder and motivation increases. Movement brings a clarity and creates momentum.

I’m sure I’ll continue to have my bouts of “standing still” and “in-between.” They are part of life’s journey and I have to learn to accept and embrace them—and to move through them. And there lies a bit of the answer—movement. In movement energy is created and inspiration found (as you see and do different things and meet different people). So standing still is OK, but make sure you don’t stand still too long! Just move on what your heart at the moment is telling you and start where you are. It is  movement that creates stepping stones in your life.

The Intuitive Self

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“Some people hear their own inner voices with great clearness and they live by what they hear. Such people become crazy, or they become legends.”
–One Stab, Legends of the Fall

This is a great quote from one of my favorite movies. It brings to mind how simple, yet how complex it can be to live your life listening to and being guided by your inner voice. And how hearing and listening to your inner voice can give you clarity, direction and peace of mind–and help you fulfill your life’s intention.

So what is your inner voice? To me it is your authentic self and your intuitive self—intuitive as in your natural instincts and the voice of your soul’s purpose. One way to look at it is that your inner voice is your soul’s whispers to you—the hints about where to turn or go, quiet guidance that gets louder when you don’t at first listen to it; where your intentions are set and where reminders of your passions live; where ideas are formed and imagination is fueled; and where your emotions and feelings are grounded.

Your inner voice is yours and yours alone. It knows what is best for you at any given time and functions always in your best interest and in ways that the rational mind can’t always understand. Sometimes—and we have all experienced this—your inner voice may not make sense to your logical mind.

Many of us have experienced that feeling of something not “feeling” right—where your senses are heightened, things may not “add up,” etc., but logically you can’t articulate or define why in that moment. It just is and when you act based on that inner voice you feel safe, content, better—that you did the “right” thing. Your inner voice provides you with internal guidance that never fails you.


At times it can be difficult to be in tune with your inner voice, and not only to listen but to live by your inner voice. There are so many distractions—over stimuli in our daily lives that result in physical and mental noise. In a world of data and more data, we begin to believe that we need evidence to make the “right” decision or take an action.

Then there are expectations (Freeing Yourself of Expectations) that we impose on ourselves and that others impose upon us. And we let ourselves be influenced by the opinions of others—since we become unsure of ourselves. We start to not trust our “gut” or intuition and (back to the world of data) there seems to be unspoken (negative) judgments about going by your “gut.”

Steve Jobs in his speech to the graduating class as Stanford University soon after his diagnosis of terminal cancer told the graduating class, “Don’t let the voice of others’ opinions drown out your inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become.”

Take time to listen—really listen—to your inner voice. Don’t discount it. Don’t question it. Don’t turn your back on it when others question you or think you are not making sense. Learn to trust it and embrace it.

Your inner voice is not going to be heard like a literal voice. It whispers (or sometimes shouts) to you in many, many ways. These include gut feelings or hunches, dreams (day or night), moments of clarity (Clarity), impulse moments, repeated urges to do something; and in physical ways such as a shiver, goosebumps, waking up suddenly in the night, and many others. Pay attention to what you are feeling–and don’t over-think it. Acknowledge that this is your inner voice reaching out to you–telling you something. Listen to it!

To hear your inner voice consistently and to grow your trust in it, it helps to dedicate quite time each day when you can connect to your thoughts and emotions. For some, they like to do this in a meditative state or in a quite space. For others, they can do this when being active, such as when exercising, driving to work, taking a walk, cooking, etc. It’s important to make this part of your routine so that you don’t let the outer stimuli and others’ voices and expectations and demands drown out your inner voice. I would love to hear from you on how you hear your inner voice and the difference it has made in your life.


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“Brushing the clouds away from my eyes, I see clarity in the raindrop and beauty in the first ray of morning sun…”

We have all experienced them at points in our lives–those moments of clarity. Sometimes they are so brief. They happen in the matter of a few seconds or in the blink of an eye. Other times they are a bit more lasting–but then our minds turn on again and they fade. Moments of clarity bring a lightness, a peace, a smile–and they sometimes bring an excitement, a thrill–or a “I have connected the dots” moment where something comes into your consciousness that helps you see more clearly, helps you understand a circumstance, etc.

They are as unique to you as you are. They may even be different or unique each time you have one. There is no cookie cutter moment of clarity or a prescribed formula for conjuring them on demand. But for most of us, if you take a few minutes to think about when you have had moments or times of clarity, you will probably note that they came about when your mind was not in overdrive (even for a split second); when you were doing something different or what some may call “mindless”, like cleaning the house, waiting in line at the grocery story, driving, cooking, riding your bike,  etc.

Now–these for sure are not mindless activities. You do need to focus on the task at hand, but they do represent something you may have been doing that totally took your mind out of your normal thinking pattern or off an issue or challenge playing out in your life. It helped you put your mind on the shelve for a bit–so that when you pick it back up again you do so with renewed energy, with more “pieces” in place or dots connected and a clearness, etc.

clear lakeMoments of clarity are meant to be and are provided by the universe as a gift–not only for your mind to take a break, but to help you evolve, have peace, gain insight, etc.

We are all born into this physical world with minds that are clear, open and pure. They are like a blank canvas waiting to be colored by experiences. As we grow we develop capabilities that help us live in this world. We develop memory, intelligence and creativity.  We also develop a lot of mental stuff–as we get increasingly bombarded with information (overload); we accumulate memories-good and bad and we are surrounded by lots of noise, drama and the hustle and bustle of daily life.  New pressures or worries enter, expectations (Freeing Yourself of Expectations) increase, and we move to and through more and more experiences.

Now–as I mentioned, there isn’t necessarily a magic formula or a series of prescribed “to do’s” that can let you have your moment of clarity right now on demand. First, your moments of clarity are yours and only yours–inspired and fueled by where you are currently in life, your experiences, your intentions, your “DNA,” and values and beliefs.

Second, we all have things that we do to break away from our minds for a bit–turning the radio up in the car with the windows rolled down, taking a walk outside, watching a movie, sitting on plane, meditation, etc. Times when we are out of our element and put ourselves (consciously or unconsciously) in the moment.

Creating more moments of clarity in your life is possible –they are provided to you by you. It starts with being in-tune with yourself (Love Thy Self), recognizing that your mind may be in overdrive, noticing that you may have a lot of noise or drama going on and paying attention to what helps you calm your mind or distract you from the stuff replaying in your mind.  Once you have them (or even just one thing), do them. Remind yourself to take that mental break.

That said, it does not necessarily mean you will have that “on-demand” moment of clarify. But the more you do those things–make them part of you–the more your mind can have those restful times. And this helps your mind to get out of cycles of repetitive or negative thinking, to see possibilities and embrace your intuition–giving your mind the break that helps  let in the clarity.

I look forward to hearing from you–and your special moments of clarity.