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“I don’t like to recreate steps that I’ve already walked. I like to see if I can recreate something new.”

~ Jeffery Wright


As we move through life and this time of ascension it is tempting to long for the past and to a time and place that once was. In this current dimension, we are living in times where there is turbulence and a feeling of uncertainty of what is on the horizon. But this turbulence is a sign of the Universal evolution that is underway and enlightenment. It can feel uncomfortable as we try to make sense of it all and sense the energy shifts.

As we stand at the end of something and the beginning of something else, we often look to the past, some may want to hold onto the past and some may even try to recreate it. It is OK to look back as long as you continue to move forward. Our experiences from the past add to who we are today, but we really can’t repeat or recreate the past because we are not the same person we were in the past and the people around us, our environments and circumstances are not the same either. Our respective energies and the composition of all things around us has changed.

There is a comfort in the past, and in times of feeling uncertain, lonely, frightened or confused, we long to go back to a place where we had a transcendent experience in the hopes of recreating the magic, but we end up disappointed and empty since it cannot be recreated. The people may be the “same” or the places look the same, but it does not feel the same. time and space

The magic is not the place or the same combination of people, circumstances, etc., it was being in that moment and authentically connecting to the people and circumstances. And since all these pieces have changed, it really cannot be recreated.  It is easy to attribute our experiences to our physical surroundings rather than to our own mindful engagement with those surroundings and people.

It matters not where we are and what we are doing, if we are living in the moment and open to letting things unfold, and trust that we are meant to be right where we are at any given moment, we have the potential to feel connected, content and calm—and not just to the circumstances we think are ideal. The feeling of nostalgia from the past is rooted not in the circumstances, but in being in the moment and truly connected in the time.  We all have the potential to create and have new experiences simply by cultivating a mindful attitude and looking forward versus looking back.

Dwelling in the past will make the future fall short, keep you cycling through bad habits, unhealthy relationships and behaviors and ultimately making you feel lost.  The past shapes you, but it does not define you.  If your present is a reflection of your desire for the past and things to be how they once were, and to create the past again in your future, this is feat that is impossible. To continue to grow and live a positive life it is important to let go of what was and to celebrate what is, and embrace what is and what is to come.

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