The Energy of Relationships

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Sometimes we may feel that we are out of sync with others, even with our closest friends, special people in our lives, family and co-workers. We try to consider the factors of why this is so. Is it distance, distraction, something we said, something we did, etc.? We may feel that we are not important or special to someone any longer. We may feel that we don’t fit in. And we ourselves can start to feel “de-energized” or like our tank is on empty. When we feel this way it’s important to remember that relationships are energy and we ourselves are energy.

We live in a world of energy. This energy is behind all matter and is the basis of all that we see around us; in fact, of all of this world’s creation. Energy is not governed by time or space.

We as human beings are made of energy. What allows you to experience others and them to experience you—relationships—is energy. Relationships of all kinds—friends, co-workers, family, intimate, casual acquaintances—have energy circuits and there is an energy exchange through those circuits. There is an inherent magnetism between people. Most people are aware of it, but usually in a superficial way. We all experience this.

Think about the times you meet people that you automatically gravitate to and feel that you have a special connection with; that you feel like you have known forever, or are “like-minded” and the relationships that form from this basis. Think about the times you meet people that you don’t quite like, make you feel uncomfortable or can’t connect with no matter how much you try. This is energy in action or at work and our instincts kick in to how we engage in our various relationships. energy-connection

Relationships or our people connections give us “rewards” that are emotional, physical or spiritual. What we give relationships is our time, attention, mind, hearts and energy. This is the fuel of the energy exchange through the circuits.

There are so many different ways energy can flow and so many different circuits. And for our more meaningful or complex relationships, energy must be exchanged and in balance to endure. In short, the electrical circuit must flow.

When you are feeling disconnected, it’s important to be aware of the kind of magnetism or energy you direct to other people. Are you engaging or reacting from a point of fear, uncertainty, or confusion? It is important to reflect on if what you are feeling is stemming from a past experience or some unresolved emotion that you still carry with you. These can cause energy flow blockages. In short, you need to be aware of your energy signal—which is a combination of your conscious thoughts and unconscious thoughts, feelings, beliefs, memories and unexpressed emotions.

As a rule, when you are feeling disconnected or tired, you are not receiving an energy circuit adapted to your environment. Beyond you, when you are feeling disconnected or out of sync, there are other factors at play, including the energy flow from the other person in the relationship. They themselves may be experiencing blockages or working through some unresolved emotions or experiences.

And it is human nature to feel like something is different or changed in the relationship. This is when an effort to maintain a high level of communication, sensibility and mutual confidence is important, as well as to keep a positive and rising change in the relationship. Putting time into self-awareness and being mindful is a must. This allows you to discover the energies that enhance and balance you and those in relationships with you, as well as those energies that may cause drain or disconnect.